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What We Believe

tree with rootsWe are part of a spiritual movement that began 120 years ago called Unity. We offer a positive, practical, and evolutionary approach to Christianity that is based on the teachings and life of Jesus, and the power of prayer. We say ‘evolutionary’ because we know that over time, consciousness evolves, our world views expand and there are new advances in the fields of science and psychology to incorporate. We also think that many of the central tenets of the life and teachings of Jesus have been lost through centuries of religious interpretation. For us, Jesus demonstrated the Divine Presence within and taught people that they could do the same and more! (John 14:12) So we start with the fundamental principle that God is Love and a Presence within you. That means you already have everything you need to live the life you want and deserve  - you just need to awaken to it and learn how to use it.

We honor the universal truths in all religious traditions and respect each individual's right to choose a spiritual path. If you choose our path, you will learn that we focus on these basic foundational principles:

1.There is only One Presence and One Power in the Universe, God the Good. This means that there is no other power and we are each an expression of the One Presence. In Truth, there is no separation between God and us or between us.

2.Human beings, made in the image and likeness of God, are divine in nature. Within each of us is our authentic self, or the Christ. Jesus manifested and demonstrated the Christ perfectly. By his life, he showed us how to do the same.

3.Jesus, as the Christ, said, “Follow me.” This means committing to the path he walked, talked and lived. To do this requires us to become the people we were created to be and to live true to our divine selves. We do this by:

  • Cultivating and embodying our innate spiritual gifts of Faith, Will, Understanding, Zeal, Imagination, Wisdom, Power, Love, Order, Life, Strength, and Renunciation.
  • Gaining dominion over our conscious thoughts instead of letting our sub-conscious mind run our lives. Our thoughts form our experience of the world. We can consciously choose our thoughts, intentions, choices and actions. Aligning our thoughts with God-mind aligns us with the Truth of our Being and brings forth unlimited creativity and potentiality.
  • Practicing the Presence of God through regular prayer and meditation. Prayer changes the thoughts in our minds, not God’s. Meditation allows us to be still and experience our true state of Oneness. In meditation, we listen for the still, small voice for guidance, wisdom and understanding.
  • Committing to practice, for transformation comes through practice [putting principle into action], not knowledge.

We take a common sense approach to scripture, honoring cultural context, symbolism in story, and personal meaning. Using the Bible as our basic textbook, we find its deeper spiritual meaning and recognize within it the story of the evolving consciousness of humankind. We are here to express our divine potential - as Jesus demonstrated fully. We are called to loosen our attachment to ego and to awaken to the true, authentic Christ Self within.

Silent Unity


Abundant Life Spiritual Center, affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries, is a non-profit corporation. All donations are tax-deductible.