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Foundations in Unity – A 6-week Exploratory and Experiential Class

Unity Village verticalFoundations in Unity is the cornerstone class for your spiritual life here at Abundant Life Spiritual Center. We offer it every spring and you can check the Schedule of Classes, Workshops and Sacred Services for the exact dates. In this class you will deepen your understanding of our teachings and connect with members of our community as you engage in meaningful spiritual discussion. There is nothing like it! Foundations can be taken again and again because you will have a different experience each time since you are always growing spiritually and you will connecting with new people.

Here is what people have said about this class in the past: 


"I loved the feeling of belonging and support.”
“I have connected more with my Divine Self.”
“I feel more connected now when going to church on Sundays.”
“I learned how to apply specific spiritual practice techniques in my life.” 
“I loved it. It’s so positive and applicable.” 

The class is six weeks and includes:

1. Who are we? An organizational overview of Unity and Unity Worldwide Ministries, our history and the fundamental principles we teach, the mission/vision/core values of our center, an introduction to spiritual practice and spiritual group work

2. What is the Nature of God? The One Presence, Divine Mind, duality versus oneness, God as Presence, Power, Principle, also a personal God and attributes of God

3. What is the Nature of Man? The divinity of man, Christ consciousness, our authentic nature versus personality, the three-fold nature of humankind, an introduction to the Twelve Powers of Man

4. What is the Nature of our Mind? The power of our thinking, how we create our experience of our world, law of mind action, law of attraction, heaven and hell, cause and effect

5. Who is Jesus? Jesus the Christ, Jesus’ teachings, Jesus’ healings, atonement and salvation

6. What is the key to Abundant Living? Our relationship to Source, Spiritual Substance, Law of Increase, giving & receiving, money, the spiritual practice of tithing, keys to demonstration

In each class we introduce a spiritual practice to learn and practice. Each topic could easily be a 10-hour class in itself, so this is an introduction and overview. To become a member, only one absence is allowed. Attendance at the last class is required.

There is a $20 materials fee to register. The class itself is offered on a love offering basis. Based on the experience of people in our earlier classes we believe you will find it of very high value to your spiritual life. We recommend a donation of $10-15/class.

“The rain fell, the floods came, and the winds blew and beat on that house, but it did not fall, because it had been founded on rock.” Matthew 7:25

Silent Unity


Abundant Life Spiritual Center, affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries, is a non-profit corporation. All donations are tax-deductible.