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Mission, Vision and Core Values

AL WelcomeOur Mission: We are a dynamic spiritual community and center for learning. We are here to awaken people to their divine nature and to teach spiritual principles that support, expand and uplift those who are eager to grow personally, deepen spiritually and live authentically.

Our Vision: We are a center of Divine Light, bringing a new vibration of Love, Joy and Peace to our world.


Our Core Values:


We act in Love through connection, sacred service, respect, prayer, integrity, caring and grace.


We live in Faith by trusting Spirit and focusing on what we want to see live and grow.


We grow in Spirit through learning, discovery, practice, curiosity, awakening, and willingly opening our hearts.


We create in Fun through laughter, play and a little weirdness. :)

Silent Unity


Abundant Life Spiritual Center, affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries, is a non-profit corporation. All donations are tax-deductible.