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What's Possible for You

who we areImagine living your life fearlessly and powerfully, true to yourself in your work and relationships. You are the creator of your wonderful life - no longer a victim of circumstances like time, finances, a diagnosis, what people say or think about you or anything else. Now imagine a world where everyone’s experience is the same. That is what we are about here. Real Peace.

We exist to unleash the divine authentic expression within and empower everyone to live abundant, amazing lives – lives of authentic self-expression, purpose, wholeness, creativity and love. We believe that's how we were created to live.

All kinds of people are attracted to our message. Many consider themselves spiritual but not religious. Others have left a faith tradition from their past because it no longer resonates with them. Some are seeking a theological framework that just makes good, common sense. Most are seeking spiritual community and a closer connection to God. But everyone is seeking a better, more meaningful and empowering life and is ready to do something about it.

Wherever you are is the right and perfect place.

Led by our minister, Rev. Carol Saunders, we gather on Sunday mornings to deepen our awareness of the Divine within and to learn very practical ways to live powerfully and authentically. And...we tend to laugh a lot and have fun doing all this.

Remember, you hold the power to create your life. Come join us. Discover for yourself who we are and what we are about.

Abundant Life Spiritual Center is located in Deerfield, Illinois, a northern suburb of Chicago. We are affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries and the only Unity center in Lake County, Illinois.

Silent Unity


Abundant Life Spiritual Center, affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries, is a non-profit corporation. All donations are tax-deductible.