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Being A Walking Blessing

LoveWant to transform the frenzy of the holiday season? You have the power to transform every experience you find yourself in. Try on the idea of being a walking blessing and find joy in every experience. It’s a challenge, but it is something we can always remember to do - we can use our words with intention to energetically transform our experience.

As Image and Likeness of God, we have creative power! We can bless every person and every situation we encounter. We can bless our food, the cards and letters we send out, the gifts we wrap, the bills we pay, even the traffic, parking lots, lines, family gatherings, and office parties.

What exactly is a blessing? We bless someone or something when we use the power of our words to speak Goodness into them, or to praise, activate or magnify the Good that is already there. It is a creative activity that makes the encounter a holy one. And yes, we hold the power to do this! We don’t have to suffer through negativity or rely on a person or power outside of us to transform our experience into a holy experience. When we actively bless a circumstance, we call forth the Good within us and radiate as joyful energy in the world.

Here are some sample blessings that I am trying out. You can try them too, or better yet, create your own.

For traffic, parking challenges, long lines:

  • Through the power of the Divine Presence which dwells in me, I confer blessings upon this situation. With this blessing, all the good that is here, is multiplied.
  • I  am a radiant beacon of God’s light. As Divine Light, I bless this situation/circumstance, bestowing favor upon it, protecting and loving it just as it is.
  • Wherever I am, I am standing on holy ground. I declare this too to be holy.

For envy [if I find myself envying another’s good fortune]:

  • I am grateful for the Life I have. I look upon the fruits of [name] and I bless him/her, sending joyful expansive energy his/her way. The power that multiplies one is available to all. I bless [name’s] success/gifts/good.

For letters, cards & gifts:

  • I bless this letter/card/gift with joyful light.

For health challenges:

  • I give thanks that my body is a temple of the Living God. I bless every cell knowing that the good within is multiplying as divine and perfect health.

For difficult people:

  • I bless [name] for the Goodness of God that is now working in and through him/her.

Join me and be a walking blessing this season. Walk in the Light and touch all you encounter with your blessing. You will experience a completely different world for yourself.

"Blessed are the peacemakers. They will be called children of God." Matthew 5:9

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