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You Are Highly Favored!

mary pregnant_earthBy Rev. Carol

Stop. Breathe. Advent is a season of preparation, of expectancy. Are you taking it in? Or are you finding yourself goal-oriented during this season and missing the holy experience entirely? There can be so much to do – shopping, gift exchanges, teacher gifts, office parties, family gatherings, and church too!

This is a deeply meaningful season. During advent, we prepare ourselves to celebrate the birth of the historical Jesus and the living Christ within. But our egos love this ‘to do list’ stuff. When we get lost in all the stuff we have to do, we cannot hear the message that the angel Gabriel has for us: “You are highly favored!”

That is the message that surprised Mary in the nativity story. In the story, a young maiden, humble, of ordinary means, is visited by the angel Gabriel, who comes to tell her of her divine purpose. She is to nurture, love and bring into this world, an amazing new energy; the Christ Presence. Will she accept this?

Mary carries archetypal energy. Her story can be our story. She is the feeling side of our nature, which we tend to discount. She is the humble, feminine soulful side of us. It is Mary energy that is quiet enough to hear the still, small voice. It is Mary energy that is receptive, open and devoted to Spirit. It is Mary energy that surrenders to God’s will, and agrees to nurture, love and birth the Christ Presence within her.

Each of us carries the Christ Presence within us. Each of us is being asked to say “yes!” to it, to nurture it and give birth to it as our life. “For nothing will be impossible with God.” [Luke 1:37]

Ultimately Mary says yes. “Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word.’” [Luke 1:38] And her ‘yes’ changed the course of her life dramatically.

Why we don’t say yes? Do we fear how the course of our lives will change dramatically? What will we have to give up if we choose to birth the Christ within us?

Are we living in the false belief that we are not divine in nature, that we are limited, flawed, not favored?

Are we too distracted with busyness and activity to even hear the still, small voice, which is always whispering to us our divine purpose and asking us to awaken to it?

This I know: There is an amazing Divine Life force beating inside us, wanting to be fully expressed. It is our authentic God expression. It is the Truth of our Being....and we choose to live in denial of it.

But Mary didn’t.

Let us awaken our Mary energy. Let us claim our inner Mary and silence the noise and activity and false beliefs that keep us from manifesting the Presence of the Divine within.

I offer this simple prayer:

Blessed Spirit. I empty myself. I surrender to Divine Will. Fill me. My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God, for I accept the Truth of my Being as Divine Essence. I nurture this Truth and expect it to fully manifest. I am pregnant with possibilities!

Breathe. Sit in the stillness. Prepare yourself for an experience this Christmas season. You are highly favored!

Silent Unity


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