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Holiday Movies: A Spiritual Perspective

By Rev. Carol

cinemaThroughout our history, human beings have learned and been inspired through the sharing of stories – from 40,000-year-old cave paintings to Shakespeare to film. One of the most effective mediums for storytelling today is the cinema. I love movies. To me, a good movie is one that either brings me closer to the depth of human experience or conveys a spiritual message that personally moves me. When you look for it, almost all movies convey a spiritual message. During this holiday season I saw a few movies with my family. Here are some of my reflections on their meaning and message to us:

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Calling Us Higher: A Post-Election Message

cosmic-consciouness-imageBy Rev. Carol

When I see what is going on after our national election, it looks to me like our country is in greater need of a spiritual core than perhaps ever before. I see evidence everywhere that people do not know that God is the Essence of their Being. If we really knew that – if we lived it – there would not be so much violence, finger-pointing, fear and fear-mongering going on (on all sides). In Truth, there is nothing to fear. Ever. I can hear the Master Teacher saying, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” (Matthew 8:26)

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Self-Governance and Independence

freedomBy Rev. Carol

July 4, 2016

I am reflecting today on the radical idea of self-governance. I am grateful for those who declared it for our nation on this day 240 years ago. Freedom for a nation is a hard-won battle – not something to take lightly, but something that is won at great sacrifice. While perhaps the ideal of freedom for all in our nation wasn't fully manifested at the outset, we are continually evolving toward it.

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Sanctuary Day

By Rev. Carol

Sanctuary, noun

1. A place of refuge or safety.

2. A holy place.

We drove for several hours through California on “the 5” through a plethora of vibrant green pecan and olive orchards. It was the morning of our Farm Sanctuary tour outside of Orland and it was rainy, cool and overcast – not what we expected since it had been over 80 degrees and sunny in the prior days. Maybe it wasn’t the best kind of day for tourists, but it would be a great day for the animals. They would likely be out and about, and spunky.

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Bringing Mary and Joseph Alive in You

Mary and Joseph artBy Rev. Carol

Advent is a time for us to prepare ourselves spiritually for the birth of the Christ consciousness within us.  The Christ is another name for our Divine (and authentic) nature. This is the Truth that is at the core of our Being, and we have the opportunity to to bring it into manifestation – over and over again. Remember, we teach that we are created as the Image and Likeness of God, and that our True inner core is whole and perfect. We celebrate the birth of Jesus because he is the one who awakened this consciousness on the earth. He fully demonstrated the Christ consciousness as his life. It is our job to awaken it within ourselves.

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Silent Unity


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