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First Blog

It’s been interesting to watch myself as I prepare to write my first blog in this brand new website of this brand new spiritual community. These are my first official words, on behalf of this ministry, put out into the Universe. So the pressure is on to make these words the ‘right words,’ the ‘best words,’ to attract the ‘perfect new community.’ To be honest, I have thought about what to say and how to say it and have started and stopped, and restarted, many times. And once again, the Universal joke is on me. ‘Ha!” I can hear the Universe saying, “It’s not about you!”


One thing is for sure. I am committed to the spiritual path, and I am committed to a life of being in conversation about it. And I can always count on this path being one of remembering - over and over again - who I truly am and who I am not. My ego wants to be right and wants my words to be ‘the best.’ My deep, true inner Self just wants to be, to radiate its natural light, to be open to the currents of Life which will guide me to experiences and encounters where I can serve, learn and be the best me I was created to be.

So, I let go, and let God.

It is such an honor and privilege to be truly led by Spirit to co-create a new spiritual community. In Truth, we already exist as a thriving, dynamic group of AMAZING people, committed to bringing more of our authentic selves into expression and being the Light of the world. It is only time that separates this inaugural beginning from that vision in Truth.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

With joy,


P. S. I invite you to join our community and stay plugged in. In a future blog, I will write about our social network and how we hope to provide a virtual approach to maintaining connection with our community.

Silent Unity


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