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Celebrating Life - Day of the Dead - 2014

By Rev. Carol

Touching. Moving. Transcendent. By all accounts our Day of the Dead Sunday service was an inspiring and profoundly connecting experience. I was deeply moved by the way our community members so authentically showed up and openly shared tender pieces of their lives through photographs, symbols or anecdotes about their loved ones. There were a few tears and some deep breaths, but mostly there was heartfelt joy. We all listened and held sacred space for each other. The energy was light and celebratory. It was such a gift. Everyone who shared generously gifted us with glimpses of their hearts. We connect through our stories, don’t we?

When the service was over, no one wanted to leave. I saw a large group lingering over the altar that we had created together, fondly inspecting the photos on display and the magnificence of the altar as a whole. There will never be another experience like that one. There will never be another altar like that one. It was a unique representation of those who came that day - a testament to each of us and to all of us, a collective picture of the human family and furry friends who inspire our lives in meaningful ways.

I am deeply grateful for all who came on Sunday, November 2. You were called and you answered the call. I am also deeply grateful for all those souls who have come before me in my own life. I stand in awe, reverence and appreciation for the lives they lived, all of which led up to me being here in this moment. As I prepared my own contributions to the altar, the memories of my mother, grandmother and precious doggie Roxanne came alive for me. I am who I am in large part because of who they were to me. While they are no longer with me on this physical plane, I believe that I honor them when I am being fully alive and doing what I can to bring light and love to this world.

I am also left with the curious recognition that someday, a picture of me just might be on someone’s Day of the Dead altar. And perhaps some funny story from my life will be told. Will my life be a story worth telling? Will my light shine brightly enough to inspire someone to live fully, freely and powerfully? I sincerely hope so.

“I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe….even though they die, will live.” John 11:25

Day of the Dead altar AL 2014

Abundant Life Spiritual Center Day of the Dead Altar, November 2, 2014

Grateful Living vocalist Maggie Mitchell is on the left singing "Spirit in the Sky," a 1969 hit song by Norman Greenbaum.

Silent Unity


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