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Calm and Miracles in the Midst of the Storm - Minister's Blog

By Rev. Carol

The blizzard of February 1, 2015 hit with a vengeance early that Sunday morning. With about six inches of snow on the ground and another foot or so yet to fall, the morning had pockets of beauty, joy and miracles in the midst of an intense focus and desire to "get me to the church on time!” We were 90 miles away.

While getting ready to leave and gathering everything I needed, a text came in at 8 am:

“Still having church? Just checking before I venture out.”

“Planning on it,” I replied.

I always like a good storm. I love the adventure of it. Having lived in the Gulf Coast region for most of my adult life, snowstorms bring excitement for me much like hurricanes used to. The practicalities that come with storms are not always fun though. On this day, we had a 90-mile drive ahead of us and it was going to be slow going. But we are a hardy lot and after an early morning of Greg blowing snow so we could get out, we set off in what seemed to be sufficient time to arrive at least on time to service.

It was a challenging drive, but we were making good progress. I was in the passenger seat with dogs on my lap. Greg’s eyes were glued to the road.

At 9:10 am I checked my phone for any new texts. An email from PayPal was in my inbox titled, “Notification of Donation Received.” Those are always fun. It said:

You've Got Cash!

Hello Abundant Life Spiritual Center,

This email confirms that you have received a donation of $100.00 USD…”

God is indeed Good…and provides! In the midst of this crazy storm Spirit stirred within someone the desire to give. How fun is that? Was the timing a coincidence? Or did this lovely soul send his energy to us in the form of money, thinking that we were likely to not have a big turnout that morning? It doesn’t matter. It was a delightfully validating gesture. Our service would go on!

Driving south on I-94 now, we were on track to arrive on time. But with just 30 miles to go the traffic suddenly came to an unexpected crawl. In front of us was a line of five snowplows all going 20 mph. They now dictated the travel speed of all who were in their wake. Their operation was quite fascinating to watch actually. They formed a perfect diagonal line stretching plow-to-plow across the five lanes with each dumping its snow to the next, moving all of it from the far left lane to the far right lane. I had never seen that before! As fascinating as it was to watch though, it was clearly halting our progress. There was no way to go around them. And there was no way we were going to arrive on time.

God is always in the midst! In that moment, God was in the midst of the storm, the car we were in, the cars around us, the snowplows doing their work, the people gathered at the Patty Turner Center who braved the storm to assemble, and those who had to stay home because they were snowed in. Even though I had in my possession the ‘church-in-a-box’ (containing all the vital elements to our service such as the computer, projector and all printed materials), I felt completely calm. Whatever was going to happen that morning at Abundant Life, I knew it would be wonderful and a bonding experience for our community. I was in the right and perfect place. Where else could I be other than where I was? 

We continued on, trying another route, surrendered to the outcome.

At 10:22 am, this text came in:

“We have a plan. Come enjoy the service whenever you arrive. Love and light. From all of us holding you in safe travels.”

I replied: “I’m psyched! I’ll be there when I can.”  

Having successfully diverted ourselves on another route, we made it all the way to Deerfield and turned the corner onto the church’s street when we had our first big slip on the ice propelling our car sideways into the curb. Crunch. Ouch. We were all thankfully safe inside, but we could tell that the car was going to need major repair. It wasn’t pretty. This was far from desirable, but not the focus of our concern. We again moved forward, surrendered. The destination was in sight!

I finally arrived at 11 am, walking into our sanctuary space rolling the ‘church-in-a-box’ behind me. The service was in progress. About 12 people were in the seats. I immediately felt the warmth and love in the space. Taking my seat in the front row, I plopped myself down and exhaled, allowing my soul to be fed. It was beautiful, truly lovely and deeply meaningful. It felt great to be a part of such an amazing and mighty gathering!

I am so proud of our community. Where else can a minister count on her community to step forward and lead a service with virtually no preparation? At Abundant Life Spiritual Center, we are enormously blessed. I felt personally blessed by the gifts of presence and service given by those who gathered that morning. Spencer set up the information table. Paul did the reading. Gerri and Bonnie delivered the lesson. Molly led the meditation. Mark set up sound and recorded the service. Matt and Maggie provided beautiful music. At the end, Spencer and Jonathan hustled and helped our beloved custodian Dave with the room cleanup.

It was sacred and perfect. It was indeed an experience of Calm and Miracles in the midst of the storm.

And the last miracle of this day happened later. Our car did end up requiring a substantial repair as we suspected. And in keeping with the Law of Giving and Receiving, I received an unexpected check that covered the costs. Keeping my energy - in the form of spiritual gifts and money - in circulation, first and foremost fills my heart. And secondarily, it does 'pay off!''

I am so grateful.

“He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed.” Psalm 107:29

If you want to share in the experience of February 1, take a listen to the podcast. A truly remarkable story is told!


Silent Unity


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