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Bringing Mary and Joseph Alive in You

Mary and Joseph artBy Rev. Carol

Advent is a time for us to prepare ourselves spiritually for the birth of the Christ consciousness within us.  The Christ is another name for our Divine (and authentic) nature. This is the Truth that is at the core of our Being, and we have the opportunity to to bring it into manifestation – over and over again. Remember, we teach that we are created as the Image and Likeness of God, and that our True inner core is whole and perfect. We celebrate the birth of Jesus because he is the one who awakened this consciousness on the earth. He fully demonstrated the Christ consciousness as his life. It is our job to awaken it within ourselves.

The Nativity story is a perfect story. It is told in Matthew 1 & 2 and Luke 1 & 2. The story as we know it alternates between the two accounts in the two books. The characters are so deeply rich in their human condition. They face grandiose challenges. Like every great story, when we place ourselves inside the story, the characters come alive for us and we find their energies resonating within us as archetypes.

As we look at Mary and Joseph, if we look deeply enough, we can claim these characters as parts of our own psyche – the feminine and masculine aspects which must merge together if we are to bring anything wonderful into existence.

Both Mary and Joseph receive messages from angels. Angels are spiritual ideas direct from God. Some people experience actual angels. Others receive spiritual ideas as intuition, insights, or messages in dreams. The important thing to remember is that we are all One with God and ‘angels,’ or spiritual ideas, are all around us. Both Mary and Joseph still themselves enough to listen and discern the messages coming to them. That is our first task during Advent.  Slow down. Stop. Listen. Like Mary, you will hear, “You are highly favored!”

When we claim our inner Mary, we are reminded to value the feeling side of our nature. Mary is visited by the angel Gabriel and told that she will conceive and bear a son who will grow to be great and whose kingdom will know no limit. She is afraid and confused by what this might mean for her. She is just a young girl after all, engaged to be married and surely with all the usual hopes and dreams about her future. But with her wide-open heart and willingness to trust Spirit, she consents ultimately declaring, “My soul magnifies the Lord!(Luke 46) This is a powerful statement to make: I am here to magnify the Power and Presence of God!

Spirit is speaking to the Mary in us and declaring that we are chosen as containers of the great and limitless Christ Essence. It is our inner Mary that is asked to accept this Truth, to surrender to Divine Will and say, “Yes!” to the Christ Presence within. This is important business! We are to nurture, grow and birth this energy in this lifetime. We hold the future of the world inside us.

Mary represents perfect Love and Surrender.

A prayer to help cultivate your inner Mary is:

I empty myself. I surrender to Divine Will. Fill me. My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God, for I accept the Truth of my Being as Divine Essence. I nurture this Truth and expect it to fully manifest. I am pregnant with possibilities!


Joseph is the masculine side of this equation. The character Joseph is completely surprised by Mary’s pregnancy. All of his hopes and dreams are shattered by this seemingly unfortunate news and he chooses to dismiss her quietly (versus make it a display of public disgrace as is his right according to the law). But he too is visited by an angel, in the form of a dream, and is told to not be afraid to take Mary as his wife. He is also told that he is to name the child. In essence he is asked to take on the role of father and caretaker of this new life force that is to soon enter the world. Many times over Joseph fulfills this role as he listens for and follows guidance, which ultimately keeps his family safe. And Jesus “grew and became strong in spirit” (Luke 1:80) under his care.

When we claim our inner Joseph, we are reminded to be gentle in Spirit, to do the right thing and not take the easy way out. Sometimes life doesn't show up like we want. When this happens, our inner Joseph reminds us to pay attention to our intuitive nature, to be strong and not swayed by social commentary. Our inner Joseph cares and protects our dreams, our ideas, our Divine Qualities, and ultimately the expression of our True Selves – especially when the world around us is not supportive.

Joseph represents Strength and Wisdom.

A prayer to help cultivate you inner Joseph is:


I am Gentleness, Strength and Wisdom. I move with Grace through whatever challenges I face. Out of commitment to the inner Christ Essence, I listen for guidance and I take right action. I am not pulled by views and opinions of the world. I merge with Love and bring forth the Truth of my Being.

Finally, it is important to note that it takes Mary and Joseph energy to bring forth the Christ Essence in us. It takes Mary and Joseph energy to bring forth anything beautiful and worthwhile in our lives. Love and Surrender is not enough. Wisdom and Strength is not enough. We must allow the two energies to merge, complement and balance each other. And unlimited possibilities await!

Silent Unity


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