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Calling Us Higher: A Post-Election Message

cosmic-consciouness-imageBy Rev. Carol

When I see what is going on after our national election, it looks to me like our country is in greater need of a spiritual core than perhaps ever before. I see evidence everywhere that people do not know that God is the Essence of their Being. If we really knew that – if we lived it – there would not be so much violence, finger-pointing, fear and fear-mongering going on (on all sides). In Truth, there is nothing to fear. Ever. I can hear the Master Teacher saying, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” (Matthew 8:26)

Now is the time for all of us who are truly on the spiritual path to rise up – in consciousness – and lead, to the best of our abilities. Do we truly believe that God is in the midst? Do we truly believe there is no separation and we are ALL One? The belief that we are One calls us to widen our circle of Compassion, reach out and do our best to understand who we consider to be ‘the other.’  Let us remember our Divine gifts and the power of Prayer, Forgiveness and Gratitude. Let us remember that we are creative beings who can choose to feel victimized or empowered in the face of any situation. No one can steal our joy. No one. We are sons and daughters of the living God!

If you wish to rise up – in consciousness – and lead in these challenging times, consider joining me in these ten actions for spiritual living: 

1. Love what is. Surrender and know that what is happening now is the right and perfect thing for us as individuals and a nation, so that we may learn what we need to learn and grow how we need to grow. If it were otherwise, it would not be happening. Our collective consciousness created our current reality and is a picture of what we hold inside. We are all accountable. And we can change reality by being open to the gift that it is, and then change ourselves.

2. Remember there is a much bigger picture going on. We are not able to see everything. We only see our own relatively small world and how we are personally impacted. We are each a thread in an infinite tapestry that is being woven over a vast span of time by our collective will and consciousness. Let us trust that the bigger picture that we are collectively painting (which we may or may not see in our own lifetime) is beautiful and God is the great master.

3. Stand in Faith because God is in the midst. Always. Is there any place where God is not? If we truly believe this, then God is within everyone – within our president-elect, all who voted for him and all who voted against him. What differs between us is our realization of God. Can we trust that God is doing God’s business within all people at all times? When we stand in Faith, we focus our attention on what we want to see live and grow, not on the things we fear or abhor. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1)

4. Be Love and Peace. We always have this choice. Our egos want us to judge, fight against, defend, separate from others and project what we do not like about ourselves onto others. But our inner God-self calls us to stand in Love and Peace and to bring Love and Peace to every person, situation and encounter. Unconditional Love means no one is exempt from our Love. No one. “Love God,” “Love one another,” “Love your neighbor,” “Love your enemy,” says the Master Teacher. When we do that, we truly experience the “Peace that passes all understanding.” (Philippians 4:7)

5. Practice Forgiveness. The radical kind. In Colin Tipping’s book, Radical Forgiveness, he postulates that we have soul agreements with others and are here to provide experiences for each other that will encourage our soul growth and expansion. If we believe this idea, we can be thankful for everyone in our lives – especially the difficult and challenging ones. They are catalysts for our growth. It’s an interesting approach and a freeing way to live, because it transforms the victim archetype and allows us to unburden ourselves from resentments and grudges. Try it and see how it works for you.

6. Practice Gratitude. Living in gratitude lifts our vibration and reveals the simple joys in life. It also helps us to attract more of the Good that we desire and be in reverence of All that is. Let’s make a list of everything for which we are grateful, starting with our very first breath. Then see how we begin to experience a lightness of Being. Life Itself is truly amazing and a wonder to behold!

7. Reach out in Understanding. Are we so sure that we hold a corner on the truth? We all have gaps in perception and none of us truly has the complete picture. The spiritual path is about recognizing this, withholding judgment and allowing these gaps to be revealed to us through understanding. How much do we really know about that person or group we call the ‘other’? Why do they do and say what they do and say? Let’s spend some time and focus some energy on reaching out to understand them. We might learn something and potentially catalyze change within ourselves. We get nowhere when we impose our views and beliefs onto others (and all sides of our political spectrum do this).

8. Use the power of voice to express the truth in our hearts. We must speak our truth. But we must also be mindful of how our egos want to use the voice to project, label, defeat or even offend the other. Yes, even we ‘nice and open-minded people’ do that! As a people, we would greatly benefit from learning how to engage with others, express our voice authentically, without making them wrong (assuming they aren’t hurting us). It takes practice. It also gets really dicey when it comes to issues of morality and ethics. I know this because as a vegan, I deal with it every day of my life. But if we combine the power of our voice with a willingness to engage and understand, we will achieve a great victory for humanity.

9. Use the divine gift of Imagination to imagine positive outcomes. Why do we so often use our imagination to picture the worst possible scenarios? Why don’t we use our imagination to envision wildly wonderful outcomes? We can do that just as easily! Remember we are painting a very big tapestry. Let’s paint a beautiful one with our imagination. I regularly and vividly imagine Peace on Earth despite all the evidence to the contrary. I do this because I believe in it. Even if it doesn’t manifest in my lifetime, I hold passionately to this vision. We cannot manifest anything that we aren’t willing to first imagine.

10. Pray like crazy. Without ceasing. Live it. We teach that there is power in prayer, but do we live it? Prayer is at the foundation of all that Unity is. It has been at the foundation of our spiritual center since day one. It is the mechanism we have to connect with Divine Mind and manifest our world. I have recently learned that Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore was not a fan of politics or politicians. But he believed that WWII could have been prevented if we had just prayed more. Let us join together in prayer for our country, for our unity, for a peaceful transition of power, for our retiring leaders, for our new leaders, and for ourselves as peacemakers. I offer this prayer as a start. And I invite anyone who wishes to join me for a daily prayer until Inauguration Day, January 20, 2017.

We are the ones. We are the ones called to spiritually lead our friends, our nation, and ourselves. All we have to do is commit to practicing what we learn. And with practice, we may become masters. And even if we don’t become masters in our lifetimes, we are mighty lights in a world that so desperately needs our Light.


Silent Unity


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