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Practicing the Presence in Everyday Life

Inner lightBy Rev. Carol

When we consciously live, move and have our being in Spirit, we experience an expanded sense of Life. There is nowhere where God is not. But it is our job to keep our attention turned to that Truth and keep ourselves focused on the Presence Itself. When we release our human needs (the stuff we normally ask God for - you know, a new job, better relationship, anything we think we don't have but want), and regularly come apart from our daily activities in spiritual practice – prayer and meditation – we fill our spiritual bank accounts. With our spiritual bank accounts full, we are then able to draw on our reserves when those unpredictable times of challenge seem to hit us. But it’s important to remember that that is not why we turn to God.

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Calm and Miracles in the Midst of the Storm - Minister's Blog

snow stormBy Rev. Carol

The blizzard of February 1, 2015 hit with a vengeance early that Sunday morning. With about six inches of snow on the ground and another foot or so yet to fall, the morning had pockets of beauty, joy and miracles in the midst of an intense focus and desire to "get me to the church on time!” We were 90 miles away.

While getting ready to leave and gathering everything I needed, a text came in at 8 am:

“Still having church? Just checking before I venture out.”

“Planning on it,” I replied.

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Welcoming the New Year

2015I don’t know anyone who thinks last year went by slowly. Even the younger generation felt its rapid-fire quality. Is time moving more quickly? It seems so. But maybe we just aren’t stopping to breathe enough and notice the Presence. It is the Presence after all, which establishes Itself as an eternal Now and invites us into the experience of everlasting Life. Practicing the Presence is where my New Year resolution lies this year.

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Celebrating Life - Day of the Dead - 2014

ancestorsTouching. Moving. Transcendent. By all accounts our Day of the Dead Sunday service was an inspiring and profoundly connecting experience. I was deeply moved by the way our community members so authentically showed up and openly shared tender pieces of their lives through photographs, symbols or anecdotes about their loved ones. There were a few tears and some deep breaths, but mostly there was heartfelt joy. We all listened and held sacred space for each other. The energy was light and celebratory. It was such a gift. Everyone who shared generously gifted us with glimpses of their hearts. We connect through our stories, don’t we?

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Renewal, Restoration and Joy

Carol at weddingDear Abundant Life Friends,

I am taking a much-needed three-week leave from Abundant Life Spiritual Center beginning August 5. For almost four years, I have been consistently ‘at work’ as a minister, teacher, prayer partner, counselor and creator of spiritual experiences for our community. I also serve as start-up CEO, business manager, writer and media specialist. On past vacations, I would bring my laptop with me and stay in contact with people, overseeing service execution, promotional writing, payroll, music, etc. I will not be doing that this August. I am leaving it behind so that I can focus on renewal, restoration and joy. From my deepest center, I ask that you support your spiritual community wholeheartedly and fully participate in it while I am away. Here's what you can do:

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