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Losing My Mom

Bea 33 copyBy Rev. Carol

There’s something about this physical world that makes us want to hold onto people and possessions. I know all the spiritual stuff. There’s nothing out there causing anything; it is all within.  Everything physical is transient; you can’t hold on. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience - she is in a better place. All is in Divine Order. But I also know that I miss my mom and the thought that she is not here as a body anymore is disorienting. It shakes my core.

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Being Impeccable With Your Word

Be impeccable with your wordWhat kind of world do you want to live in? I mean really want to live in?  Well you can just look around and see for yourself, because you are living it! And if you decide that you don’t like what you see, you can change it.  As human beings, we are amazing creations, with enormous creative capacity and potential. Enormous.  When you wake up in the morning, do you feel that? Do you say to yourself, “Good morning world, I am poised to create today!”?

There is an infinite sea of possibility and potential, called Heaven, which is always available and present around us. All we need to do is turn our awareness to it, open the spigot, and use our thoughts and words to transform ‘potential’ to the art form which is our life.

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Looking to 2013


The approach of a new year always gives me pause. I breathe and feel all there is to feel about 2012. There is a lot of tension to hold. The world and our country seem greatly divided. Incidents like the recent Newtown tragedy broke our hearts and called our deepest questioning to bear. And yet there were also events like the 2012 Olympic games which profoundly touched us as we bore witness to amazing expressions of human will, perseverance, dignity and the soul’s call to being its best.

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The Eye of the Storm


Hurricane Sandy packed a big one. My heart goes out to all who were in her path. Walking in the aftermath through the mind-boggling wake of damage - with boats showing up in backyards or swimming pools, hundreds of grandmother-like trees in full surrender, buckled on the ground, roofs stripped of shingles, flattened houses - can be a most unsettling experience. And then the ultimate: extended loss of electrical power. It seems like the rudest reminder of our humanity. And yet, it also stirs the human spirit to restore Order, to see where our true Power lies and to open our hearts to Love.

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Expanding Love, Expanding Lives

sharingHow do you find an image that accurately depicts love in action? It’s one of those things… like you know it when you see it or feel it. We are unfurling ourselves as a community that IS love in action. These aren’t just words. And while we do our best to convey what we are creating through words, we know that you will have to feel it to actually get it.

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Silent Unity


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