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It May Be Fall Outside but Spring Is in the Air!

Tulip buds

I love fall. It’s my favorite season here. I spent 27 years in Texas and Florida and neither place had the beautiful autumn gala that our trees put on for us here. It’s a delight to walk down my street and behold flaming bushes and swim through falling leaves as they dance to their new home on the ground. So yes, I love fall!

But it feels like spring at Abundant Life! It feels like the hearts and souls of people are budding and blooming and bringing forth new life!

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Reflections On Our First Two Years


My heart is full. When I think of whom my closest friends and connections are, I realize that most of them are people I did not even know two years ago. They are people who walked into my life through the doors of our spiritual community.  I love these people. I really love them.  And it is such a curiosity how Spirit brings us together to weave our souls into such a beautiful tapestry.

I have recently had one of those ‘conversations with God’ as I was deeply feeling all that goes along with the ups and downs of building this community. 

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Spiritual Olympians

Olympic gold medal copy copy copy(Summary of Sunday lesson on August 19, 2012)

As a family, we are avid fans of the Olympic games. Even while recently on vacation, we watched all the events that we could. What is it about the Olympics that keeps us riveted to the TV every two years? I think it is a cool way to watch, with hope and support, what is possible for the human spirit. The athletes – whether it is Michael Phelps who returns season after season to break records and win more medals than ever before, or Wojdan Shaherkani and Sarah Attar, the first women to ever represent Saudi Arabia in the Olympic games – are souls clearly committed to the singular act of becoming the best they can be in their chosen endeavor.

What if we all took that on? What if you or I took on - like an Olympic sport - becoming the best ‘me’ I could be?

I did a little research and found that the characteristics that distinguish elite athletes from others include:

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Declaration of Inner Dependence

Declaration of Independence signingSometimes I come across something that needs to get out in the world. My long-time friend, Rev. Anne Sermons Gillis created this beauty. So many people live lives that others have plotted out for them. Live true to yourself. Remember the Source within is God!: 

July 4th we celebrate the anniversary of our independence from England. We march in parades, shoot off fireworks and barbeque. I guess you could say we "party." Here's a new twist on the holiday - declare your inner dependence.

 I, a spirit of the United States of Consciousness, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure tranquility, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty for myself and others, and for posterity, do ordain and establish this Declaration of Inner-Dependence, 

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Immerse Yourself In A Conversation For Possibility!

Overwhelmed little boyWhy do people stay away from their spiritual community in times of stress?

I hear it all the time when I check on those who have been away from us for a while. “I’m just really, really busy right now.” “My business is troubled and I need to focus on it.” “My kids are a challenge right now.” Some people, I think, are telling me in their own way that they aren’t interested. That’s fine.  But others are legitimately stressed and stay away until they reach a better equilibrium. This is a quandary to me, because we are a group of people immersed in an uplifting and inspiring conversation. We aren’t another obligation, another place to go, another thing to cross off a ‘to do’ list.

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