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Immerse Yourself In A Conversation For Possibility!

Overwhelmed little boyWhy do people stay away from their spiritual community in times of stress?

I hear it all the time when I check on those who have been away from us for a while. “I’m just really, really busy right now.” “My business is troubled and I need to focus on it.” “My kids are a challenge right now.” Some people, I think, are telling me in their own way that they aren’t interested. That’s fine.  But others are legitimately stressed and stay away until they reach a better equilibrium. This is a quandary to me, because we are a group of people immersed in an uplifting and inspiring conversation. We aren’t another obligation, another place to go, another thing to cross off a ‘to do’ list.

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God's Time or My Time? Steps To Your Demonstration

Abraham stars“It will happen…. In God’s time…” How many times have you heard that? The spiritual life sure can be full of waiting. But the waiting isn’t about waiting on God. When you find yourself waiting a long time to manifest your desires, it is because you are waiting for you to become willing and able to accept what you desire and what you deserve. ‘God’s time’ is the time it takes for us to raise our consciousness to the level where we can see and accept what is ours. And it’s often right in front of us.

 The story of Abraham and Sarah (initially Abram and Sarai) in the book of Genesis is a wonderful depiction of how and why sometimes it takes a long time to have your prayers answered.

 Here are the steps between you and your demonstration of the desire you hold in your heart and mind now:

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Once Upon A Time...

Snow WhiteIn the fairy tales we learned as children, you may remember the gallant princes who awaken Sleeping Beauty and Snow White from the spell of slumber with a kiss. Fairy tales are powerful stories if we consider the archetypal nature of the characters. From the Prince to the Princess to the animals and trolls, to the wicked Queen, the characters are all aspects of our own psyche. The Bible with its characters of mythical proportions is much the same. In Genesis 2 the story tells us that Adam fell asleep, and there is no mention of Adam ever waking up. Like Adam, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, we are all asleep.

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War Horse Inspirations and Thoughts on 2012

War horse Written on 1/2/2012

I recently saw the movie War Horse with my family over the holidays. A Steven Spielberg movie depicting World War I, it was brutal and difficult to watch. In fact I couldn’t watch a lot of it. As we left the theater, I was shaken and a part of me wished I hadn’t seen it. But I couldn’t ignore the deep feelings reverberating inside me. I was deeply touched on many levels.

As an animal lover, it is hard for me to put the plight of the horse, Joey, aside. He had a tremendously taxing life as he found himself on both sides of the war, mostly seen as a tool to accomplish the objective of each ‘caretaker.’ In many ways, the horse represented Spirit to me. He was always willing to serve. He applied himself selflessly in every situation that had need of him. He gave his all. He took no side. He held no grudges. The character of the horse, as well as the depiction of the war itself, fueled within me a new way to look at my life and the purpose of our burgeoning spiritual community.

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You Are Highly Favored!

mary pregnant_earthBy Rev. Carol

Stop. Breathe. Advent is a season of preparation, of expectancy. Are you taking it in? Or are you finding yourself goal-oriented during this season and missing the holy experience entirely? There can be so much to do – shopping, gift exchanges, teacher gifts, office parties, family gatherings, and church too!

This is a deeply meaningful season. During advent, we prepare ourselves to celebrate the birth of the historical Jesus and the living Christ within. But our egos love this ‘to do list’ stuff. When we get lost in all the stuff we have to do, we cannot hear the message that the angel Gabriel has for us: “You are highly favored!”

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