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Rev. Carol Saunders' Blogs

Touching the Hem

touching the hem 2In my recent blog about my ordination experience, I shared that it so deeply touched my heart, I felt as if I had touched the hem of Jesus' garment. That is the best way I could describe the experience. Touching the hem is a reference from the book of Luke. The story goes like this:

Ordination and Beyond

interfaithlogo2To the Abundant Life Unity community (and anyone else who is reading),

I wanted to check in and let you know what is going on with me. I just had an incredible few days at Mount Saint Alphonsis retreat center in New York State. It is indescribably lovely here. I am in the midst of God’s creation – the all of it - overlooking the Hudson River, walking among and smelling the fragrance of towering pines, and listening to the sweet melody of birds along with highway noise off in the distance. It’s all God. Its all Good. Just being here makes me feel blessed.

Last night my One Spirit Interfaith Seminary class was ordained. The power of the ceremony was beyond words. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

Becoming the Rev

hold_the_lightOn the edge of becoming Rev. Carol, I am off to New York for my seminary “Intensive,” ordination and graduation. As I face this very exciting time, I am in inquiry about what it means to me and how it has it changed who I am in the world.

I entered a two-year ordination program at One Spirit Interfaith seminary in New York City in September 2009. I selected this program for a number of reasons. On the top of that list was the desire to immerse myself in the major world faith traditions – the same thing Unity co-founder, Charles Fillmore did as he was formulating his own theological foundation, which eventually became Unity. Clearly there are elements of each faith tradition in Unity’s teachings [perhaps the topic of a future sermon or blog].

Speaking Your Truth

TruthNo earthquakes, nobody floating up to the sky, no left-behind pets! That’s what most of us expected on May 21. The shocking claims of Family Radio president, Harold Camping, and his followers were mocked by most of us. I have to admit though, for me all that recent talk about the rapture and end times created some interesting dialogue among friends as well as personal ponderings. For that, I am grateful.

The Rapture, End Times and Other Stuff

carol headshotWell I couldn't resist answering Spirit's call to shift my focus this week to 'current events.' With the passing of May 21 without rapture-like incident, I felt inspired to talk about Unity teachings around the end times. Unity's focus is clearly not on the afterlife. We teach that our true nature is divine and eternal. No one really knows what happens on the other side of this life. So why spend a lot of time and energy defining, describing and arguing about it? Let's just be satisfied that death is a gateway to the next adventure, just like birth was a gateway to this one. In the meantime, we can do our best to fully express God and bring the Kingdom of Heaven to this life. 

Silent Unity


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