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Sanctuary Day

By Rev. Carol

Sanctuary, noun

1. A place of refuge or safety.

2. A holy place.

We drove for several hours through California on “the 5” through a plethora of vibrant green pecan and olive orchards. It was the morning of our Farm Sanctuary tour outside of Orland and it was rainy, cool and overcast – not what we expected since it had been over 80 degrees and sunny in the prior days. Maybe it wasn’t the best kind of day for tourists, but it would be a great day for the animals. They would likely be out and about, and spunky.

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Bringing Mary and Joseph Alive in You

Mary and Joseph artBy Rev. Carol

Advent is a time for us to prepare ourselves spiritually for the birth of the Christ consciousness within us.  The Christ is another name for our Divine (and authentic) nature. This is the Truth that is at the core of our Being, and we have the opportunity to to bring it into manifestation – over and over again. Remember, we teach that we are created as the Image and Likeness of God, and that our True inner core is whole and perfect. We celebrate the birth of Jesus because he is the one who awakened this consciousness on the earth. He fully demonstrated the Christ consciousness as his life. It is our job to awaken it within ourselves.

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Compassion Is a Good Thing No Matter What

compassionate-heartBy Rev. Carol

In the wake of the recent attacks in Paris, the world is in mourning. The lives of 129 people out for a night on the town were brought to an abrupt end at the hands of those who chose to wield fear. As you look upon those 129 individuals, allow yourself to fully feel the pain of it. Mourn in your own way and let your feelings be okay. Because they are okay.

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From the Minister's Blog: Reflections on Five Years

Carol Botanic GardenAs we pause, reflect and celebrate the five-year anniversary of Abundant Life Spiritual Center, I am filled with a complex mixture of emotions. At this juncture I want to share what is in my heart, what it has all been about and the potential that our future holds.

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Let Freedom Ring!

By Rev. Carol

Every July 4th we are reminded of the vision that our country’s founders had for this nation – a land of the free. The United States is an experiment in self-governance. Self-governance and Freedom are Divine ideas plucked out of the realm of Infinite Possibilities and put in place here in our immediate world. While we may have been sloppy at fully implementing freedom for all, we are blessed by its ideals. And as citizens we have the choice to embrace it or lose it. Our experiment will only truly work if we the people educate ourselves, stay fully informed and also commit ourselves to evolving our consciousness ever higher.

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Silent Unity


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