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Earth Day

We live in the midst of a most amazing creation. I know this in my head, but find it challenging at times to connect with its wonder. Plans, daily activities, studying, and work can over stimulate the head and I often miss the splendor of nature that is perpetually unfolding in front of me.

Not this weekend. As a Girl Scout leader I spent the weekend camping with eleven 13-year-olds. As always, Spirit moved me to the exact place I needed to be. And I noticed. Thank you God.

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The Power of Vision

What future calls you to be? Do you have a vision that is so compelling, it drives your daily life in a forward motion toward its manifestation? Think about it. What stirs in your soul and gets you moving?

It’s easy to complain and critique - very easy. Everything could have been done better. Everyone could have behaved differently. Circumstances could have turned out more in our favor. As one of my good minister friends often reminds me, “Every time you say could or should, you are dwelling in your ego self, not the Truth of your Being.” How true. The coulds and shoulds of our judgments are one of our ego’s clever tricks to divert us from the glory of the eternal present moment. The story of Lot’s wife is a good one to remind us that looking back freezes our consciousness.

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I am moved by today’s Daily Word:

“A new day dawns as we awaken to our Christ consciousness."

Each person on Earth is like a seed, a dormant shell of pure potential, waiting to be transformed into a flower. We may not have discovered some of our divine attributes, but they are safely tucked within us, waiting to be called forth. Our perfect potential--the very essence of our wholeness--is there inside.”

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First Blog

It’s been interesting to watch myself as I prepare to write my first blog in this brand new website of this brand new spiritual community. These are my first official words, on behalf of this ministry, put out into the Universe. So the pressure is on to make these words the ‘right words,’ the ‘best words,’ to attract the ‘perfect new community.’ To be honest, I have thought about what to say and how to say it and have started and stopped, and restarted, many times. And once again, the Universal joke is on me. ‘Ha!” I can hear the Universe saying, “It’s not about you!”

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Silent Unity


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