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Compassion Is a Good Thing No Matter What

compassionate-heartBy Rev. Carol

In the wake of the recent attacks in Paris, the world is in mourning. The lives of 129 people out for a night on the town were brought to an abrupt end at the hands of those who chose to wield fear. As you look upon those 129 individuals, allow yourself to fully feel the pain of it. Mourn in your own way and let your feelings be okay. Because they are okay.

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From the Minister's Blog: Reflections on Five Years

Carol Botanic GardenAs we pause, reflect and celebrate the five-year anniversary of Abundant Life Spiritual Center, I am filled with a complex mixture of emotions. At this juncture I want to share what is in my heart, what it has all been about and the potential that our future holds.

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Let Freedom Ring!

let freedom ring-21447By Rev. Carol

Every July 4th we are reminded of the vision that our country’s founders had for this nation – a land of the free. The United States is an experiment in self-governance. Self-governance and Freedom are Divine ideas plucked out of the realm of Infinite Possibilities and put in place here in our immediate world. While we may have been sloppy at fully implementing freedom for all, we are blessed by its ideals. And as citizens we have the choice to embrace it or lose it. Our experiment will only truly work if we the people educate ourselves, stay fully informed and also commit ourselves to evolving our consciousness ever higher.

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Enemies: You Gotta Love ‘Em

be-loveBy Rev. Carol

We all have enemies. Some of us want to avoid them; others like to engage them. Jesus provided very clear guidance on how to deal with them. You gotta love ‘em… and pray for them while you’re at it (Matthew 5:43-45).

Enemies show up in our lives as other people, other groups, other belief systems or as anything outside of us that we desperately want to change. These enemies seem to be entities separate from us and we allow them to hold us hostage. It’s as if our lives would be so much better if just THEY changed or if THAT changed.

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Practicing the Presence in Everyday Life

Inner lightBy Rev. Carol

When we consciously live, move and have our being in Spirit, we experience an expanded sense of Life. There is nowhere where God is not. But it is our job to keep our attention turned to that Truth and keep ourselves focused on the Presence Itself. When we release our human needs (the stuff we normally ask God for - you know, a new job, better relationship, anything we think we don't have but want), and regularly come apart from our daily activities in spiritual practice – prayer and meditation – we fill our spiritual bank accounts. With our spiritual bank accounts full, we are then able to draw on our reserves when those unpredictable times of challenge seem to hit us. But it’s important to remember that that is not why we turn to God.

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Calm and Miracles in the Midst of the Storm - Minister's Blog

snow stormBy Rev. Carol

The blizzard of February 1, 2015 hit with a vengeance early that Sunday morning. With about six inches of snow on the ground and another foot or so yet to fall, the morning had pockets of beauty, joy and miracles in the midst of an intense focus and desire to "get me to the church on time!” We were 90 miles away.

While getting ready to leave and gathering everything I needed, a text came in at 8 am:

“Still having church? Just checking before I venture out.”

“Planning on it,” I replied.

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Silent Unity


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