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Schedule of 2017 Classes, Workshops, Gatherings and Sacred Services

unity village towerWe have put together a schedule of classes, workshops, community gatherings and special services  – all at Abundant Life Spiritual Center - for 2017. We hope that this helps you in planning your year and clearing your calendar well in advance for the gatherings that interest you. Keep a close watch on our announcements, flyers, website articles and Facebook page for any changes. In addition to these gatherings, we also have a group led by Bonnie DeMartini, LUT, that meets on Monday mornings at Panera in Lake Bluff. Here are our current plans:

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Pray for Chicago Monthly Gathering Using Ho'oponopono

heart-diamondAt Abundant Life Spiritual Center we hold the intention to positively affect our neighbors and communities in the City of Chicago through prayer. We meet monthly, typically on the first Sunday of the month from 11:30 am to noon. Beginning February 2017 we will be using the ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho'oponopono to heal our beloved city of Chicago.

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Pray for Our Nation Continues

Pray-for-Our-Nation-2For 40 days leading up to Inauguration, we gathered as a spiritual community every weekday morning in prayer to hold the high watch for our nation and ourselves. We focused on the spiritual ideas of Faith, Love, Freedom Compassion, Peace, Harmony, Letting Go and Letting God, Leading by Example, Divine Order, Healing, Understanding and Forgiveness. This prayer helped many of us to direct our lives in positive ways, rather than fall into the muck of negativity and gossip, and raise our vibration and that of our nation. We will be continuing these calls on a weekly basis.

To see how this time of prayer can benefit you, here are some comments from one of our participants: 

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Hold an Intention for Yourself

I-AMEach Thursday morning at 7 am, you are invited to participate in a prayer call where you will hold an intention for yourself. Rev. Carol will open the prayer and then allow each participant to state his or her intention or affirmation for the day. Rev. Carol then closes the call. To those who regularly participate this time is considered a Divine gift! Everyone is welcome to join and you can participate or pass if you'd like. The call-in number is 712-451-0216, pass code 744661#. Please note that this is a new number.

The Spiritual Forum

AL WelcomeSpirit-led, we have shifted away from 'church' to a new format for our Sunday gatherings. Whereas in the past you may have experienced what we called a ‘Sunday service,’ we are now gathering to learn practical principles for spiritual living through dialogue and discovery. We call it The Spiritual Forum. 

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Pray for Peace Monthly Call

imagesGod is the power of Love and the Presence of Peace and Harmony. God is our unchangeable and eternal Source and Supply. The physical world that we live in does not often reflect its spiritual Truth. Most of us would agree that we are living in uncertain times. As spiritual journeyers, we are called to be Lights of Love and Agents of Peace in all situations and circumstances.  We can bring Light, Love and Peace to the world through our own lives and through prayer.

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Silent Unity


Abundant Life Spiritual Center, affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries, is a non-profit corporation. All donations are tax-deductible.