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The Grateful Living

Matt Nelson 2 C 033014We are proud of our music. What’s different about us is we use contemporary and classic pop/rock/indie music to support our spiritual themes. We capture spiritual truths through artists such as The Beatles, Coldplay, 10,000 Maniacs, The Cranberries, Pharrell Williams, Dave Matthews Band, Kelly Clarkson, Eisley, Snow Patrol, Katie Perry, Enya, Styx, David Bowie and countless others. Matt Nelson, who shares his delightfully positive energy and phenomenal keyboard talent with us each week, leads our band. He is well-connected into the Chicago music scene and brings to us talent such as Grammy-nominated Matthew Santos.

To hear a sampling of some of our recent performances take a listen to these mp3s:

“Clocks” a song by Coldplay, illustrating that God is All; that nothing compares with God, and Home (a state of consciousness of Heaven) is where we want to be: 

“Let It Go,” from the recent Disney movie, Frozen, sung by guest musician Maggie Mitchell. This song illustrates our need to put distance between us and a past condition and step into our greatness by letting go of our fears and becoming who we were born to be: 

"Roll Away Your Stone," a song by Mumford and Sons, underscored our Easter Sunday message, "Roll Away Your Stone." It illustrates the power of resurrection in our lives and the important step of metaphorically rolling away the stone covering our hearts, and letting our resurrected Light emerge.

Silent Unity


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