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The Spiritual Forum

AL WelcomeSpirit-led, we have shifted away from 'church' to a new format for our Sunday gatherings. Whereas in the past you may have experienced what we called a ‘Sunday service,’ we are now gathering to learn practical principles for spiritual living through dialogue and discovery. We call it The Spiritual Forum. The Spiritual Forum is a platform for spiritual deepening/living and a Spirit-led voice of awakening in the world. We are here to do the spiritual work! It is a bold new alternative to church where we don't just listen to the ideas of the minister, but share our own life experiences.

We begin with 10 minutes of contemplative, guided meditation. After meditation,  Rev. Carol  introduces a topic or gives a short message and we then launch into facilitated dialogue. Participants can either share how they apply spiritual principles to their lives or they can actively listen. We have ground rules to ensure a positive experience for all. Participants are asked to share from a place of self-inquiry, not from analysis or opinion/knowledge of the world or history. We ask that the focus be inward and relate to each person's spiritual life. What we find is that Spirit speaks through a variety of sources (not just the minister) and participants are touched by the humanity and spirituality they experience, whether they share or just listen.

Come and share your journey, your experience or your understanding. Or just listen and see what arises in you and for you. Know that every time you show up, there is something for you, because the Universe works for you when you are open. 

Our doors and hearts are wide open to people of all generations, affiliations and orientations. Everyone is welcome!

Silent Unity


Abundant Life Spiritual Center, affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries, is a non-profit corporation. All donations are tax-deductible.