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Pray for Our Nation Continues

Pray-for-Our-Nation-2For 40 days leading up to Inauguration, we gathered as a spiritual community every weekday morning in prayer to hold the high watch for our nation and ourselves. We focused on the spiritual ideas of Faith, Love, Freedom Compassion, Peace, Harmony, Letting Go and Letting God, Leading by Example, Divine Order, Healing, Understanding and Forgiveness. This prayer helped many of us to direct our lives in positive ways, rather than fall into the muck of negativity and gossip, and raise our vibration and that of our nation. We will be continuing these calls on a weekly basis.

To see how this time of prayer can benefit you, here are some comments from one of our participants: 

“Instead of already judging what I think is going to happen I'm waiting to see what the outcome will be before I have an opinion. I'm holding faith that when the time comes the people surrounding the president will do the right thing. And when not, people will speak up. I'm just more hopeful. I try to listen better to people’s point of view instead of trying to change it right away. I stopped posting the 'OMG can you believe this guy' posts on Facebook and am more careful about selecting the news I read and share. I've tempered my conversations with my children and have tried to be a good example by expressing my hope and not judging.”

In Unity we behold the Divine in every being. We are rooted in Faith, knowing that God is in the midst of every circumstance, leading us all to our highest and best. With Understanding, we look beyond appearances and focus on spiritual Truth. We practice Forgiveness and Gratitude and to the best of our ability we express ourselves as Love and Peace in the world. In this way, when we speak our truth, our words hold Power. Prayer connects us to Spirit and supports us in being what we want to see in the world, thereby transforming ourselves and the world. We must also pray for our leaders, regardless of our opinions and know the Truth of their being. We are all sons and daughters of the living God!  

By ‘popular demand’ we will continue these calls on a weekly basis on Friday mornings at 7:30 am. We are using this time slot to combine Pray for Our Nation with Pray for Peace in the World. On the first Friday, our Prayer Chaplains will lead a call to Pray for Peace in the World. On the other Fridays, Rev. Carol will lead us to Pray for Our Nation.

Anyone can participate in our conference call prayers. You do not need to be a part of our community and we have had many call in from out of state. Call participants are free to listen or provide their voice.

The prayer calls are complete in 10 minutes. If you wish to join us, the call-in number is 712-451-0216 and the passcode is 744661. 

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