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Schedule of 2017 Classes, Workshops, Gatherings and Sacred Services

unity village towerWe have put together a schedule of classes, workshops, community gatherings and special services  – all at Abundant Life Spiritual Center - for 2017. We hope that this helps you in planning your year and clearing your calendar well in advance for the gatherings that interest you. Keep a close watch on our announcements, flyers, website articles and Facebook page for any changes. In addition to these gatherings, we also have a group led by Bonnie DeMartini, LUT, that meets on Monday mornings at Panera in Lake Bluff. Here are our current plans:

Classes, Workshops, Gatherings and Sacred Services for 2017

Burning Bowl Sunday, January 8

During this special service we let go of thoughts and patterns which no longer serve us, releasing them to the flame of the burning bowl. This powerful tradition begins the process of changing our subconscious mind to support our intentions for the New Year.

Visioning Workshop, January 15 after the forum noon to 2 pm

Imagine, visualize and create the amazing life you want now.  In this workshop, Bonnie DeMartini, LUT, will guide you through a process of visioning. Reflect on your intention for the year. Bring a journal and some magazine clippings depicting your desire along with your favorite art materials to complete a drawing or vision board following the visioning practice. Personal investment is $20.

White Stone Service, Sunday, February 26

The White Stone ceremony is about listening to the still, small voice inside and claiming your Truth. During our meditation, we will listen to Spirit for a new name, a new way of being in the world. Your heart is calling you to Divine purpose!

Life Purpose Workshop, Sunday, March 5 noon to 2 pm

Imagine being able to say 'yes' to opportunities that come your way because you know they fit your life purpose! In this workshop you will be guided through a process that will help keep your life centered in joy. Bring a bag lunch and join us in the Patty Turner Center library. This workshop is led by Bonnie DeMartini, LUT.  Fee is $20

Affirmative Prayer Class, Wednesdays March 22, 29 & April 5 6:30 to 8:30

Come, learn and practice prayer in a safe space. We will teach a five-step affirmative prayer that you can use in your daily life for yourself and with others. It will raise your consciousness and change your life. Our Unity Prayer Chaplains will teach this class. Personal investment: $50/$45 if registered by March 12.


Palm Sunday Communion Service Sunday, April 9

We normally hold this sacred service on Holy Thursday, but we want to make it available to our entire community this year. Rev. Carol will present a brief Palm Sunday message and then lead us in an experiential, meditative and contemplative process. During this time we will prepare ourselves to symbolically accept as our Truth, the Divine Substance and Life Force of Spirit within. We will also have a Burning Bowl ceremony as a symbol of releasing our blocks to God.

Jesus Movie, Sunday, April 9 after our Spiritual Forum

Every Easter season, we gather in a home to watch a Jesus/Easter movie. This year, bring a lunch and we will watch an Easter-themed movie together after our Palm Sunday gathering in the Patty Turner Center library.

Easter Sunday Celebration Service, April 16 at 10 am

Easter is historical and Easter is personal. We all experience betrayal, the dark night of the soul, unfair accusations, unjust trials and crucifixion. And ultimately the gift is resurrection. Jesus of Nazareth shows us how to walk through each of these steps as Love. Rev. Carol will present a message on the uplifting and life-affirming Great Demonstration, the eternal nature of Life and the resurrection of the human spirit. Her message will be underscored with music by our famed band, The Grateful Living.

Spring/Summer Foundations class – schedule to be determined – Sundays 11:45 am to 2 pm

Foundations in Unity is a 6-week class that explores the foundational principles of Unity teachings while also connecting you to others in our community. It is the portal for membership and also the place where you start to feel that you belong here at Abundant Life Spiritual Center. Because the content of this class is deep and rich, we encourage people who have taken Foundations before to take it again. Not only will you support the people who are new to our teachings, but also you will surely learn something new or see it from a new perspective! While this class is a requirement for membership, membership is not required if you take the class! Suggested love offering: $10-15/class. Taught by Rev. Carol

Crucial Conversations Workshop Sunday, June 25

Bonnie DeMartini, LUT will lead the Sunday Gathering and offer a follow up workshop on Crucial Conversations.

The Work of Byron Katie Introduction Sundays August 27 & September 2 (during our regular gathering time)

Paul Zavagno, Certified Facilitator of the Work of Byron Katie will lead the Sunday gathering and present an introduction to this life-changing spiritual process.Dive deep into the cause of all suffering, and use inquiry to identify and question the thoughts at the root of it all. This four-week class for those new to and experienced in The Work of Byron Katie will provide the opportunity to learn the simple and profound four questions and turnarounds that open the path to peace.  Join Certified Facilitator Paul Zavagno and other like-minded explorers for the adventure of a lifetime. What better summer vacation could there be?  

Unity World Day of Prayer Sacred Service, Wednesday, September 13 at 7 pm 

We join in this Unity tradition of a 24-hour prayer vigil for peace. During this sacred service we will close out our participation in the prayer vigil. There will be an extended Metta meditation that will center you in love for yourself and all beings. Love offering

Keys to the Kingdom Prosperity Class Unity Sundays September 17 & 24, October 1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 Noon to 2:00 pm

In this seven-week class you will identify and change your limited beliefs about abundance, happiness, and success. This is not a course about simply getting more money or material things. It is actually a guide to developing a higher level of spiritual awareness.  The program leads to an understanding of the spiritual foundation of true abundance and creating a life in greater harmony with spiritual law. Keys to the Kingdom was specifically designed for those who are ready and willing to take the very large leap in faith necessary to transform a consciousness of lack and limitation into a consciousness of true unlimited abundance. It will produce real results in your life. Supplies are $45 ($47 if paid via PayPal) and an agreement to stretch yourself by tithing time, talent and treasure to Abundant Life Spiritual Center during the seven weeks is part of the class.


Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Service, Sunday, December 24 at 5 pm

Our annual Christmas Eve service is an experiential and sacred experience. The traditional Christmas story is told through a metaphysical lens with music that will move your soul. No matter your religious background, the symbols and meaning of this story will come alive in a personal way. We conclude this sacred service with a candle lighting ceremony that lights the world. Make plans to be with us on Christmas Eve! Love offering.

There will be no service on Sunday, December 24.

We may potentially schedule: An Introduction to the Enneagram in the summer or late fall

Rev. Carol is considering teaching a Saturday workshop on the Enneagram. The Enneagram is a personality model that reveals nine types with nine different underlying motivations. It is a model that can be used to support your spiritual path and also help you gain better understanding of yourself and others. We will hold this workshop in the summer if there is sufficient interest and we can find a venue.

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