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  • Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Service Sunday, December 24 at 5 pm

    Candle vigilEnhance your Christmas season experience this year by attending our spiritual Christmas Eve service on Sunday, December 24 at 5 pm. The traditional Christmas story will be told through a metaphysical lens with music that will move your soul. No matter your religious background, the symbols and meaning of this story will come alive in a personal way. As in past years, this service will be held in the beautiful sanctuary of First Church Christ Scientist, 155 Deerfield Road in Deerfield. We rent this space so that we can conclude with our traditional candle lighting ceremony as we experience the Presence of Divine Love awakening in the world and within us.

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  • Ordination Ceremony on Sunday, November 19

    UWM logoOn Sunday, November 19 you are invited to attend the ordination ceremony for Rev. Carol Saunders. She will be ordained as a Unity minister at the Patty Turner Center after The Spiritual Forum.  Here is a brief history of her journey.


    In 2008 Rev. Carol served as the interim Spiritual Director at Unity North Shore after her minister, Rev. Festus Umeojiego, left to serve another Unity church in Minnesota. She was a Licensed Unity Teacher at the time. After her interim role at Unity North Shore was complete, she spent every day in prayer listening for clarity and direction. On the morning of February 28, 2009, she received a very clear call from Spirit to start and lead a new Unity center. Over the next year and a half she laid the groundwork for this new center in partnership with a small team. The new center was approved as an expansion ministry of Unity Worldwide Ministries on February 25, 2010. On September 26, 2010 Abundant Life Unity Church (later named Abundant Life Spiritual Center) held its inaugural service at the Patty Turner Center in Deerfield, Illinois.

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  • Schedule of 2017 Classes, Workshops, Gatherings and Sacred Services

    unity village towerWe have put together a schedule of classes, workshops, community gatherings and special services  – all at Abundant Life Spiritual Center - for 2017. We hope that this helps you in planning your year and clearing your calendar well in advance for the gatherings that interest you. Keep a close watch on our announcements, flyers, website articles and Facebook page for any changes. In addition to these gatherings, we also have a group led by Bonnie DeMartini, LUT, that meets on Monday mornings at Panera in Lake Bluff. Here are our current plans:

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  • Palm Sunday Communion Service on April 9

    Palm frondWe normally hold this sacred service on Holy Thursday, but we want to make it available to our entire community this year. Rev. Carol will present a brief Palm Sunday message and then lead us in an experiential, meditative and contemplative process. During this time we will prepare ourselves to symbolically accept as our Truth, the Divine Substance and Life Force of Spirit within. We will also have a Burning Bowl ceremony as a symbol of releasing our blocks to God. If you want to stay for an Easter themed movie after our gathering, bring a lunch!  

  • Easter Celebration Service on Sunday, April 16

    Jesus-the-light-271x300Easter is historical and Easter is personal. We all experience betrayal, the dark night of the soul, unfair accusations, unjust trials and crucifixion. And ultimately the gift is resurrection. Jesus of Nazareth shows us how to walk through each of these steps as Love. Join us on Sunday, April 16 at 10 am for a full Easter Celebration service. Rev. Carol will present a message on the uplifting and life-affirming Great Demonstration, the eternal nature of Life and the resurrection of the human spirit. Her message will be underscored with music by our famed band, The Grateful Living. Don't be late! 

  • Life Purpose Workshop on Sunday, March 5

    Life PurposeImagine being able to say 'yes' to opportunities that come your way because you know they fit your life purpose! In this workshop you will be guided through a process that will help keep your life centered in joy. Bring a bag lunch and join us from 11:45 to 2 pm  in the Patty Turner Center library. This workshop is led by Bonnie DeMartini, LUT.  Fee is $20

  • Vision for the New Year Workshop on Sunday, January 15

    Vision boardImagine, visualize and create the amazing life you want now.  In this workshop, Bonnie DeMartini, LUT, will guide you through a process of visioning. Reflect on your intention for the year. Supplies will be provided but you are invited to bring a journal and some magazine clippings depicting your desire along with any favorite art materials. During the workshop you will complete a drawing or vision board that reflects your intention for your life in 2017. This workshop will begin after our gathering. Bring a lunch.

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  • Pray for Our Nation Through Inauguration Day

    Pray-for-Our-Nation-2Join Rev. Carol each morning for a prayer for our nation (Monday through Friday) at 7:30 am beginning Monday, November 28 until January 20 (40 days). During each prayer call, we will listen to a reading from the Daily Word, published by Unity. Rev. Carol will then call us to prayer as we focus on the Truth that we know and pray for our nation and its leaders past, present and future, for healing and a peaceful transition of power, and for ourselves as healers and peacemakers.

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  • Keys to the Kingdom Agreement for a Transformed Life

    seven-keysOur Keys to the Kingdom class produces EXTRAORDINARY results. Through it, you will learn a whole new way of relating to Abundance, Happiness and Success. It also requires an extraordinary level of commitment. During the seven weeks of the class, you will be asked to agree to the following:

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  • Summer Break!

    tumblr n7l3o3mM6t1sp5mwno1 500It's summertime...and the livin' is easy! We are acknowledging the ‘lazy days’ of summer by taking a summer break and creating new and different ways to gather during the weeks of July 31 through August 21 (services will resume on Sunday, August 28). There are lots of ways to be together and deepen our spiritual lives! In lieu of Sunday services during those weeks we have put together a program of events. We invite you to make time in your schedule to participate as fully as possible. Here’s the schedule:

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  • Quartz Singing Bowls Sound Healing on Sunday, July 31

    4592568 f520Held in woods that bank the Nippersink river, experience sound healing with crystal bowls. This healing practice uses audio tones and vibrational frequencies to repair damaged tissues and cells of the body, while also attuning one’s chakras/energy. This experience is soothing, calming, and healing. You will regain inner harmony and balance. In case of rain the event will be held indoors. This event is a fundraiser for Abundant Life Spiritual Center. Tickets are $20.00 per person and up to 30 attendees can be accommodated. Bring a folding chair. 

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  • Prayer for Orlando

    loveWe are holding in prayer all people in the world, with a focus on those directly involved in the recent Orlando shootings. Our hearts pour out to the victims, the victims' families, all involved medical, investigative and law enforcement professionals, and the perpetrator. We know that God is in the midst and we trust the healing Presence of Love. We remember that darkness can never extinguish Light. The Light of God surrounds, enfolds, comforts and leads us all to our highest good. If you are so moved, please join us with this prayer:

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  • Lost Teachings of Charles Fillmore on Spiritual Maturity – World Peace – Universal Love

    weareoneDialogue with Rev. Carol Saunders on Thursdays, July 28 and August 25 7 to 8:30 pm

    For over 40 years, Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore conveyed specific teachings about spiritual maturity, universal love and world peace that have been neglected and even omitted. These teachings address humankind’s relationship to animals and how our actions regarding this relationship affect our bodies, our world and our ability to grow spiritually. Come to learn, awaken, and be in conversation about these lost teachings and what they might mean to you today.

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  • Meet Spencer Estep

    SpencerWhat leadership role do you hold here?

    Service Team Leader

    What's your favorite thing about Abundant Life Spiritual Center?

    I love the people that make up our community and the amazing messages each Sunday!

    What is one thing you're looking forward to this year?

    I am going to explore some Spiritual Retreats. Especially retreats which emphasize a strong connection to God through meditation. I will be looking for seclusion and lots of time in Mother Nature.

    How do you like to spend your free time?

     I love to travel and hiking is my true passion.

    What is your favorite book/movie/sport’s team/song [pick one]?

    LOVE the Blackhawks!

    If you could invite any three people, living or dead, to dinner for an evening, who would you choose and why?

    Jesus - I can only imagine what the true meaning of love is. This man lived it and taught it everday…amazing.

    Tesla - What a great mind. I feel he must have had a connection to something “out of this world”. People thought of him as a mad scientist but really he was a true genius. I would have loved to see some of his experiments in action.

    Rodney Dangerfield…now that guy cracked me up!!

    When was the last time you laughed really hard?

    Today! With my son as we fought with this gigantic box full of patio furniture.

    Anything else you want to share?

    I feel very blessed to be involved with this community. It is and has been home from the day I walked into it. I can’t wait to see what the future brings!

  • Earth Day Service and Fellowship Feast on Sunday, April 24

    Earth DayEarth Day is Friday, April 22, 2016. At Abundant Life Spiritual Center we will hold a special Earth Day service on Sunday, April 24. Rev. Carol’s message will be “Honor God, Honor Creation.” We will have our spring Fellowship Feast (i.e. potluck) after service.

    Because we will be focused on how we can preserve resources, care for our planet, and honor creation on this day, our potluck will be free of plastic and all waste will be compostable or biodegradable. We also ask that you strive to make the dishes that you bring be as free of animal products and organic as possible. Why? Here are just a few facts: 

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  • Deerfield Township Food Pantry Drive


    The Deerfield Food Pantry suffered a huge loss last month when they experienced flooding of sewer water. Their supplies have been inundated and there is immediate need of help to feed the elderly and other people who rely upon the township for food assistance. Abundant Life Spiritual Center sent a portion of our January tithe to the Deerfield Pantry. We are also conducting a food drive within our community during the month of February. The following items are needed:

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  • Easter Celebration Service on March 27

    Jesus-the-light-271x300During the Sundays in March we will be looking at the Easter story, first from a human perspective, then from a metaphysical perspective. Easter is historical and Easter is personal. It's not a spectator sport! By his life, our wayshower Jesus showed us how to move through even the most demanding parts of life as Love, Wisdom and Understanding. We all experience betrayal, the dark night of the soul, unfair accusations, unjust trials and crucifixion. We can also choose whether to face them as Love or fear. Despite all odds and despite all appearances, the lesson of Easter is that Love transcends all.

    Join us for our inspiring Easter Celebration service on Sunday, March 27, 2016 at 10:00 am at the Patty Turner Center.

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  • Newcomer Orientation

    AL WelcomeAre you relatively new to Abundant Life Spiritual Center? We’d like for you to learn about all that we have to offer here. We invite you to stay after service for 30 minutes to learn about ways to experience deeper belonging and engage more meaningfully in the community through classes, workshops, groups, sacred service, events and more. You will also learn about the path to membership and the availability of pastoral care and spiritual counseling. We will hold a Newcomer Orientation gathering on Sundays February 7, May 1, August 7 and November 6.

  • Vision for the New Year Workshop on Sunday, January 15

    looking forwardMost of us start off the New Year with good intentions and resolutions for positive change. But only 8% of us achieve our goals! (Forbes magazine 1/1/13) In this workshop, Bonnie DeMartini, LUT, will guide you through a process of visioning, which is the first step in creating the amazing life you want. Reflect on your intention for the year. Bring a journal and some magazine clippings depicting your desire along with your favorite art materials. You will complete a drawing or vision board following the visioning exercise. And to stay on track with your intentions for 2017. Workshop specifics are:

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  • Community Christmas Caroling Sunday, December 13

    Peanuts christmasStay after service on Sunday, December 13, 2015 for an extended “Connection Café.” We will gather around the grand piano for some good old-fashioned Christmas caroling led by Matt Nelson on piano. Let Matt know if you have any favorites you want included. Bring some goodies to share too. 


  • Crucial Conversations Workshop - Sunday, June 25

    Crucial ConversationsIn Unity, we teach that we are One and that we have a Divine spark within. We teach that God is Love and is everywhere present. But, sometimes our day-to-day relationships challenge those teachings, don’t they? Sometimes we have conversations that make us want to shout out or clam up. In this workshop you will learn how to navigate through some of those ‘crucial conversations’ with ease and grace and without harming yourself or others. Perfectly timed before the holidays!

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  • 2015 New Members

    AL WelcomeWe are delighted to welcome four wonderful souls into membership at Abundant Life Spiritual Center. They are Susannah Burns, David Rosales, Debbi Rosales and Annette Wisniewski.  Our members have all completed our Foundations in Unity class and have also made the personal choice to enter into conscious relationship with our spiritual center and be consciously committed to their spiritual paths. It is a significant step! We are grateful for our newest members and the infusion of energy that they bring.

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