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  • WE ARE ONE! Rain or Shine, Sunday, September 25

    Anniversary balloonsAnniversary balloonsMARK YOUR CALENDARS!

    Our one-year anniversary is coming up and you won’t want to miss it. We are planning a potluck picnic celebration in the pavilion behind the Patty Turner Center after service on Sunday, September 25. Bring delicious food to share and invite your friends and family.

    Do not be concerned about weather! We will hold our picnic indoors if we need to.

    We have so much to celebrate!

  • Music Playlists for July

    musical dandelionsWe continue to hold the vision of  a lively, current, in-house band to lead us in song and create a relevant and uplifting spiritual sound. We know our band will unfold in the perfect time and perfect way. In the meantime, special care is taken to select our music repertoire, including youtube videos on occasion. Our congregational songs are energetic, affirming and designed to stick with you throughout the week.  

     In July, our pre-service music included "Twilight Flight" by the Luminous world and songs from "Marigolds" by Chris Stewart and we concluded every service with Michael W. Smith's "A New Hallelujah."  The playlists by week were:

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  • Contemplative Interfaith Service - Thursday, April 12

    interfaithlogo2Want to reconnect with the center of your being in the middle of the week? Join us at 7PM on April 12 for a Contemplative Interfaith Service in the sanctuary of First Church of Christ Scientist, 155 Deerfield Road. This is a very powerful, deeply enriching experience.  The theme for this month is Spiritual Surrender. You will hear this theme presented by sacred texts or writings of the mystics of the world's major faith traditions and supplemented by meditative music. Live music - Native American flute, singing bowls, gong and drums - will be provided by Cheryl Good to complement the readings and create sacred space for meditation and reflection.

    NOTE: This service is being put on hold after April 12 to allow Rev. Carol to focus on community building and leadership development. We love this service and will resume it again in divine time.


  • The Gathering Group - Tuesday Nights Oct 4 & 18

    The Gathering Prayer is a challenge for many of us. What should we ask of God? Is anyone listening? Why aren't our prayers being answered? For thousands of years, humanity has brought needs to God with varying success, often resulting in disillusionment. Now is the time to try something new: A nine-step prayer practice called The Gathering. We began this group in late August, but anyone can join us. 

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  • Blessed Beads Workshop - Sunday, August 14

    Prayer_beadsWant to give your personal prayer practice a boost?

    Join us for a Blessed Beads workshop led by Rev. Claire Jagemann after service on Sunday, August 14 from 12 to 2PM. In this workshop you will connect with your heart and inner artist to create prayer beads that uniquely reflect your personal prayers. Some examples may include prayers for your family, your world, your expression of the 12 Divine Powers, the Creative Process, or prayers for forgiveness, gratitude, peace, or prosperity. You can create whatever is meaningful to you! Your prayer beads are like your fingerprints ~ no two prayer beads are alike.

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  • Introduction to the Enneagram - Tuesdays July 5 through August 2


    Self understanding and inquiry are keys to living the spiritual life. The Enneagram, recently featured in Unity magazine, is a personal development system which reveals nine different personality types and focuses on one's basic underlying motivations. 

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  • Music Playlists for June

    musical_dandelionsOur vision is to have a lively, current, in-house band to lead us in song and create a relevant and uplifting spiritual sound. We know our band will unfold in the perfect time and perfect way. In the meantime, special care is taken to select our music repertoire, which is energetic, affirming and designed to stick with you throughout the week.  

    Since we get a lot of inquiries about the songs we use in our services, we are now providing monthly playlists. In June, our pre-service music included Gymodepie #1 by Eric Satie/Reinbert Leeuw and songs from "Marigolds" by Chris Stewart.  The playlists by week were: 

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  • Growing Our Church

    growHow do we grow our church? Everything happens in consciousness, and prayer is what builds our consciousness. As an outgrowth of our Prayer Consciousness Circle, a set of twelve affirmations emerged. These affirmations energetically support the growth of our community and communicate who we are, present and future. Each participant in the prayer circle has taken one of these affirmations and is holding it in prayer during his/her personal prayer time. In addition, during each Sunday service, our congregation affirms together the affirmation assigned to the current month.

    We are excited about being of one mind as we set our intention for Abundant Life Unity to experience unlimited growth while supporting the spiritual life of all who make it their home.

    The twelve affirmations are:

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  • Summer Movie Nights - Wednesday, August 17

    Truman ShowJesus illustrated spiritual truths through story and parable. Our modern day equivalent is the cinema. This summer we began a new group which gathers monthly to watch and discuss a spiritually themed movie together. It's a fun way to stay connected in spiritual conversation over the summer. Last month we showed the infamous Groundhog Day where we witnessed the multiple levels of consciousness evolution on our way to our authentic Christ nature. This month we will show The Truman Show, a story depicting the utter force of will required to awaken to our Truth and live it.

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  • Spiritual Education and Enrichment Classes

    UnityLogoThis year’s Spiritual Education and Enrichment Chicago-based summer classes will be held at Unity of Oak Park, 405 N. Euclid Avenue, Oak Park, IL on August 7-12, 2011.

    The following classes are offered:

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  • Next Lunch and Stroll the Gardens - June 24

    SpringFlowerAt our next Chicago Botanic Garden stroll we will see what summer has in store for us. Join us after service on Sunday, June 24 for lunch at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, 1000 Lake Cook Road, Glencoe, IL. After lunch we will stroll the gardens and take in the beauty and wonder of the plant world. Parking is free for members [annual membership is $70]. 

  • Father's Day Service June 19

    fathers_dayJoin us for a special Father's Day service on Sunday, June 19 at 10:00AM. We will honor the universal fathering principle within each of us, as well as our own experience of Dad. Just like our Mother's Day service, we will have a short message complemented by community sharing of Father experiences. What did you learn from your father (or father figure)? Some of us had fathers who taught us how to be in life. Some of of us had fathers who taught us how not to be. All experiences inform us and lead us in our lives. Come and listen or participate as we celebrate this important day.

  • Healing Service

    Green_mandalaOn Sunday, May 1, ALUC Prayer Chaplain, Molly Hansen will lead a special Healing Service. This service will focus on the power of healing that lies within you. It will be meditative and experiential.  Come and open your heart and mind to a new way of life.

  • Pre-Easter Movie Nights - March 19 & 26

    Jesus the movieEvery Easter season, we gather in a home to watch a Jesus movie. This year we will meet on Thursdays, March 19 and 26 in the home of Paul Zavagno at 6:30 pm to watch the 2000 mini-series, Jesus, starring Jeremy Sisto, Jacqueline Bisset, Gary Oldman and Debra Messing. The movie will begin promptly at 7 pm. After watching each segment of the movie, we will have some discussion time. Bring a sandwich or light dinner if you wish. Be sure and sign up in the hallway after Sunday service or RSVP by emailing Paul at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. A map will be available after service on Sundays. Suggested love offering is $10 to support our spiritual center.

  • Minister's Radio Interview

    CirclesofChangeAbundant Life Unity Church Founder and Spiritual Leader, Carol Saunders, was interviewed by radio host Dr. Zara Larsen on her FM talk radio show “Circles of Change: Conversations on Change Leadership and Career Fulfillment.” In this 20-minute interview, Carol covers a myriad of topics ranging from her past engineering career to the joy of starting Abundant Life Unity Church to her leadership philosophy and vision for the new spiritual community. The interview aired on Saturday, April 9 on To listen to the podcast, click here.

  • Mother's Day Service on May 8

    motheringOur Mother's Day service is Sunday, May 8. We know that this is a joyful day for some and a difficult day for others because our mothers evoke a range of emotions. At Abundant Life Spiritual Center we want to honor everyone’s experience and also celebrate the sacred feminine and the Universal mothering principle that is at work in all of our lives.  Everyone is invited to bring a brief story or anecdote about their mother or a significant mother figure in their lives. Those who wish to share their stories are welcome to do so.


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  • Good Friday Contemplation

    serving-handsJoin ALUC Prayer Chaplain, Molly Hansen, in prayer and contemplation of the last words of Jesus on Friday, April 22 from 1 to 3PM in the annex of First Church of Christ Scientist, 155 Deerfield Road, Deerfield, IL. Feel free to drop in as your schedule permits.

  • Getting The Word Out

    GettingtheWordOutWe have such a good thing going at Abundant Life Unity Church and we need to get the word out. We would like to form a Promotion Team to create a promotion plan for the church and we seek interested parties. We are the only Unity church in Lake County and the opportunity is vast! If you have interest or experience in promotion, whether it is experience in promoting your own small business or experience in the PR or advertising business itself, please prayerfully consider stepping forward to share your wisdom and talent. Our vision is to have an impact on the lives of many, many people and your help is much needed and appreciated.

  • Set Clocks Forward This Weekend!

    DaylightSavingsDon’t forget to set your clocks forward tonight! Daylight savings time begins on Sunday, March 10 at 2 AM. We affirm that everyone will be in their right places at 10:30 AM as we begin a new series on "The Hero's Journey" on Sunday, March 10. You won't want to miss it.

  • Sunday Service Room Changes

    LibraryDue to scheduling conflicts at the Patty Turner Center, we will be holding our March 11 and March 19 Sunday Services in the Patty Turner Center library. This is the first room on your left as you walk into the center. We are grateful to have another lovely room in which to meet. The children will be in other rooms for these two weeks as well, and they will be welcomed as usual. Come and enjoy the ambience of the library and expansive view of the adjacent field on those Sundays. We look forward to returning to our usual space on Sunday, March 26.

  • Spring Potluck

    SpringFlowerWe will gather together for a Spring Potluck luncheon immediately after service on Sunday, April 1. Bring family and friends and delicious food as we celebrate Palm Sunday and our growing spiritual community. Prepare yourself for delightful conversation and a short program on the vision of our church called, "Care and Connection - The Future of Abundant Life Unity"

  • The Grateful Living

    “Music is the shorthand of emotion.”  ~Leo Tolstoy


    Our music ministry is central to who we are and it continues to evolve and support our spiritual message in new and exciting ways. We are bringing a new vibration to the Sunday service experience.

    When you join us you will find that don’t have hymnals. We don’t close with the conventional Peace Song. But we do use music to celebrate our connection to Spirit and to express our message. The community songs we sing are contemporary, affirmative and upbeat. They tend to stay in our minds throughout the week and guide us in our lives. The band's performance songs usually showcase recordings of popular artists both current and classic. On a given Sunday you may hear music from Coldplay, Natalie Merchant, the Beatles, Kelly Clarkson, Phillip Phillips, Enya, Glee, the Cranberries and much more. We also enjoy original music performed by guest musicians.

    The Grateful Living is currently led by Matt Nelson, a highly-talented keyboard player. Matt is well-connected in the Chicago music scene and is instrumental in bringing in wonderfully talented guest musicians from time to time. We are grateful for The Grateful Living!


  • White Stone Ceremony on Sunday, February 26

    white_stoneOn Sunday, February 26, 2017 Abundant Life Spiritual Center will hold its annual White Stone Service, a tradition within Unity. Each year we start the year with the Burning Bowl service, releasing thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us. The White Stone ceremony is about listening to the still, small voice within and claiming your Truth. During our meditation, we will listen to Spirit for a new name, a new way of being in the world. Your heart is calling you to Divine purpose!

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  • The Creative Life Series

    thecreativelifeIn March we are continuing a sermon series called The Creative Life, based on Charles Fillmore's metaphysical interpretation of Genesis 1 and Eric Butterworth’s book by the same name. In this series we are exploring the creative nature of God and the seven keys to releasing our inner genius. To complement the Sunday sermon topics, a mid-week group gathers on Wednesday nights to share, discuss and apply our learnings. All are invited. Our group meets in the wonderful annex of the First Church Christ Scientist, 155 Deerfield Road, Deerfield, IL. [0.6 miles east of Waukegan on the south side of Deerfield Road] from 7 to 9PM. The Wednesday night group will meet through April 6.

  • Prayer Circle for September

    prayer_circleOur next Prayer Consciousness circle is on Saturday, September 15 at 10AM at the First Church of Christ Scientist, 155 Deerfield Rd. Deerfield, IL. Everyone is welcome to join together and lift our church and each other in prayer. You will find that this prayer time will bring you peace and a calm, centered state of mind. Please arrive at 10AM. We will begin promptly at 10:15AM and end at 11AM.

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