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  • Prayer Sunday - March 30

    Holding light2On Sunday, March 30 we will dedicate the service to one of the most important spiritual topics: Prayer. Unity was founded on prayer. Abundant Life Spiritual Center was founded on prayer and is sustained by prayer. Your leadership regularly prayers together as do many groups within our community. We envision ourselves as being a community where ministry happens everywhere and where we hold each other in prayer as a regular way of life.

    During this special service dedicated to Prayer, we will introduce a newly constituted team of Prayer Leaders and demonstrate what happens when you ask for prayer from one of our trained Prayer Leaders after services.  As usual, the Grateful Living will provide beautiful music to complement this very important theme.

  • Prosperity's Ten Commandments Series Resumes

    imagesSo you want to live a prosperous life. We want that for you too! But what does prosperity have to do with the Ten Commandments? Just the term, “The Ten Commandments,” causes many of us to squirm. Some people feel they are antiquated, not relevant to today’s world. Others report that they feel the Ten Commandments provoke that awful feeling from childhood that God is scary.

    We began this series in late February, 2014 and interrupted it for a series of Easter lessons in late March. Rev. Carol will complete the series on Sundays, April 27 and May  4. You will experience the Ten Commandments like never before, for they hold underlying spiritual truths which show you how to live a  prosperous life.

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  • The Grateful Living

    Matt Nelson 2 C 033014We are proud of our music. What’s different about us is we use contemporary and classic pop/rock/indie music to support our spiritual themes. We capture spiritual truths through artists such as The Beatles, Coldplay, 10,000 Maniacs, The Cranberries, Pharrell Williams, Dave Matthews Band, Kelly Clarkson, Eisley, Snow Patrol, Katie Perry, Enya, Styx, David Bowie and countless others. Matt Nelson, who shares his delightfully positive energy and phenomenal keyboard talent with us each week, leads our band. He is well-connected into the Chicago music scene and brings to us talent such as Grammy-nominated Matthew Santos.

    To hear a sampling of some of our recent performances take a listen to these mp3s:

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  • Annual Business Meeting on February 22

    business meetingTogether, we co-create our spiritual center. Its future rests in our hands, hearts and minds. How do you want to participate in its unfoldment? Come to our annual business meeting on Sunday, February 21, 2015 at the Patty Turner Center and share your thoughts. The Board of Directors will share our 2015 financial report and 2016 financial forecast. We encourage everyone who feels they have a stake in our community to attend because it is our consciousness and commitment, in partnership with Spirit, that creates our community and brings our next year into form. The meeting is expected to last an hour.

  • Change in Service Location - March 15 & 22

    url-1On Sundays, March 15 & 22, 2015 we will be holding our Sunday services at Shepard Middle School, right around the corner from the Patty Turner Center. Each year the Patty Turner Center has an event in March which takes place in our sanctuary space. We relocated the past three years to Shepard Middle School for those three Sundays and found it to be a wonderful second venue. It is located at 440 Grove Avenue in Deerfield, IL. When you're coming to the Patty Turner Center on Elm Street, rather than taking that last left, go straight! You will find Shepard Middle School is right in front of you.

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  • Spring 2016 Foundations Class Begins in April 13

    Unity Village verticalFoundations in Unity is a 6-week class that explores the foundational principles of Unity teachings while also connecting you to others in our community. It is the portal for membership, but more importantly, it is the place where you start to feel that you belong here at Abundant Life Spiritual Center. The content of this class is deep and rich. So we encourage people who have taken it before to take it again. Not only will you support the people who are new to our teachings, but you will surely learn something new or see it from a new perspective!

    To learn more about what people have said about the class and what topics are covered, you can read more about it here.

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  • Affirmative Prayer, Visualization and Master Mind – September 16, 23 & 30

    visualizationWhether you are a long time pray-er or are realizing just now that it is time to get prayer firmly rooted in your life, come learn to pray and practice it in a safe environment during this three-week Tuesday night class led by Rev. Carol Saunders. Participants will learn the 5-step affirmative prayer process we use at Abundant Life Spiritual Center with a focus on using the spiritual gift of Imagination to visualize results. Participants will also learn and practice the Master Mind prayer process using the Seven Steps Into the Master Mind Consciousness.

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  • Spiritual Learning in Kids' Community

    Molly HansenFor the next six weeks in Kids' Community, we are exploring some of the basic spiritual questions we all have such as: What is God? How do I talk to God? Where is God - in Heaven? In the sky? We'll also start down the path of some of the more familiar stories from Jesus's life. That will bring us up to Lent, which begins on Wednesday, March 5 with Ash Wednesday and concludes with Easter on April 20, 2014. From the Unity website: "The term Lent comes from an Old English word meaning ‘spring,’ the time of ‘lengthening of days.’ During Lent, we begin to see new plant and animal life as the earth emerges from winter and moves toward another fruitful summer season. As the earth appears to awaken and bring forth new life, we can, through our observance of Lent, awaken to new spiritual awareness as well."  We have a specific Unity curriculum for Lent that we plan to use, as well as spiritual lessons involving spring and new spiritual practices.


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  • Journey to New Beginnings - A New Year Sunday Series

    Life journeyEach year after the January Burning Bowl service (where we release thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us) and before the mid-February White Stone service (where we accept ‘a new name’ for ourselves), Rev. Carol does a Sunday series designed to support us in re-inventing ourselves. This year’s series is A Journey To New Beginnings, using the book, Finding Yourself in Transition by Robert Brumet.


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  • Seth Braun Guest Speaker and Workshop - Sunday, February 16

    Seth BraunSeth Braun returns as guest speaker on Sunday, February 16, 2014 to speak to us on “The Three Faces of Love.” Have you ever felt resentment, frustration or anger in a relationship? Of course! We all have. Seth will share with us practical and immediately accessible ways of thinking, feeling, acting and being, and the real miracles that are produced by the activity of Spirit, the support of a loving community and the courage to open your heart.

    After service, Seth will lead a workshop to deepen your understanding and apply these learnings.


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  • Rev. Carol Teaches Radical Forgiveness at Infinity Foundation

    free-yourselfOn Tuesdays, November 11 & 178, 2014 at 7 PM, Rev. Carol Saunders will teach an introductory class on the groundbreaking ideas presented in Radical Forgiveness: A Revolutionary Five-Stage Process to Heal Relationships, a book by Colin Tipping. Abundant Life attendees may recall that Rev. Carol did a Sunday series based on the book in November, 2012. This class will be held at Infinity Foundation in Highland Park. When people forgive, they tend to still hold onto the idea that they were wronged. With Radical Forgiveness, you learn to release victimization entirely and be grateful for the opportunity to grow and heal. It is only then that you are free!

    Register online through Infinity Foundation. The class fee is $55 payable to Infinity Foundation.

  • Finding Yourself in Transition Class - Thursdays in January/February

    Finding Yourself in TransitionWe are all in a place of transition in some aspect of our lives. You may be facing a transition you desire or one that seems to have happened to you. Some of us seek a new job or a new relationship that really works "this time" because the last several all ended badly. Using the book, Finding Yourself In Transition, by Robert Brumet, you will learn the stages of making a powerful transition from the past to a new beginning that is truly new and doesn't lead you back to those repetitive patterns that don't serve you. Books will be available for sale after service on Sunday, January 12, 2014. This extraordinary 5-week class will be taught by Licensed Unity Teacher candidate Bonnie DeMartini and will follow the 10:30 am Sunday service series, Journey to New Beginnings, led by Rev. Carol Saunders.  Class specifics are:

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  • Fireside Chat on Sunday, December 28

    fireplaceDuring our regular Sunday service on December 28, we will have a “Fireside Chat” led by Rev. Carol Saunders. Bring your spiritual inquiries. What do you ponder? What is still a mystery to you? Do you want to better understand a Bible story metaphysically? Yes, we will sit in front of a crackling fire, and be in conversation together. What a great way to unwind after Christmas and to ready ourselves for the New Year.

  • Christmas Caroling on Sunday December 13

    Peanuts christmasAfter service on Sunday, December 13, gather with us around the grand piano in the Patty Turner Center atrium for some good old-fashioned Christmas caroling. Matt Nelson will lead us on piano. His Matt Nelson Trio CDs will be available for $10 and make excellent Christmas gifts.

  • Matthew Santos Returns on Sunday, December 20

    Matthew Santos 1Grammy-nominated Matthew Santos returns again on Sunday, December 20 as our guest musical artist. Santos is a remarkable rock/folk artist with a large following. While he is widely known for his musical collaboration with Lupe Fiasco on the song Superstar, his original music penetrates the soul. Santos' voice is unlike any you have heard before and his music will surely move you. He has been a guest artist with us for the past two Christmas seasons singing "Christmas Song" by Dave Matthews and others.

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  • Kids’ Community Starts Polar Express in December

    Polar ExpressOur Kids' Community starts back up with a four-lesson series called, “I Believe: Exploring the Wisdom Found in the Polar Express,” on Sunday, December 8.  The Polar Express is a 2004 computer-animated fantasy film based on the children’s book of the same name by Chris Van Alsburg. Our kids will explore spiritual ideas within the story such as listening for guidance, standing in faith, and learning how the Spirit of Christmas lives within. This will be fun for all ages, including adults.

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  • Teaching Our Children

    kids yogaAs the Light of God, we are fun, loving teachers of Truth. We are here to empower children, young people and families to discover their Divine spark.

    Imagine a world where people live the principles we teach – where they know they are worthy and wholly loved, can see with spiritual eyes of understanding and go to prayer and meditation when triggered. Most of us dream of this world and we strive to manifest it by bettering ourselves. But what if we had learned this from our very beginning? The world we collectively create begins with what we teach our children.

    At Abundant Life Spiritual Center, we are committed to this vision. We know our part in its manifestation is to provide an empowering and fully-staffed Youth and Family (Y&F) program for our community. While we are still seeking a Y&F Director, we have community leaders now who are dedicating themselves to building a healthy spiritual education experience for our youth.

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  • "Eye of the Holiday Storm" Meditation Gathering - Wednesday, December 11

    462As you decorate, shop, wrap gifts, send cards and attend yet another office party, keep yourself centered and joy-filled during the hectic holiday season. At  7 PM on Wednesday, December 11th, join us at the Patty Turner Center for an hour of  meditation, prayer, reflection and renewal as we focus on the divine gifts of Joy and Peace. 

  • Thanksgiving Fellowship Feast - Sunday, November 24

    horn of cornucopiaOn Sunday, November 24 we will hold our annual Thanksgiving Fellowship Feast right after service. Our Beatles series will conclude on that day with a full band. This is the perfect time to celebrate and express our gratitude for our spiritual community. 

    If you want to help with the Fellowship Feast please see Ruthie Brew. Everyone is invited to bring a delectable dish to share. There is a sign up sheet on our table outside the sanctuary. 

    "One of the very nicest things about life is the way we must regularly stop whatever it is we are doing and devote our attention to eating." Luciano Pavarotti
  • Thanksgiving and Outreach - Love in Action!

    OutreachAs we focus on Gratitude this month, we also open ourselves to being in service to our community and reaching out to the greater community. This Thanksgiving we are participating in a winter coat drive and the PADS Lake County wish list. PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter) is a non-profit organization focused on providing critical services to the homeless. You will also be hearing soon from our Y.O.U. (Youth of Unity)  about an outreach project they are planning for our community in December.

    At our annual Thanksgiving Fellowship Feast on Sunday, November 24, in addition to bringing a delectable dish to share with your community, bring any extra winter coats you may have and/or any of the every day items listed below. If you are interested in leading or helping with this wonderful ‘love-in-action project,’ email Brandy Mertes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    From the PADS Lake County website:

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  • Crucial Conversations Sunday Lesson and Workshop on Sunday, June 25

    Crucial ConversationsIn Unity, we teach that we are One and that we have a Divine spark within. We teach that God is Love and is everywhere present. But, sometimes our day-to-day relationships challenge those teachings, don’t they? Sometimes we have conversations that make us want to shout out or clam up. Going into the holiday season, why not learn how to navigate through some of those ‘crucial conversations’ with ease and grace and without harming yourself or others?

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  • Gratitude Meditation Service - Wednesday, November 13

    GratitudeIt’s the season for giving thanks. Join us at 7 PM on Wednesday, November 13 for this mid-week sacred service and focus your attention on the virtue and power of Gratitude. The service will be reflective and contemplative, with sacred readings, prayers and an extended meditation. You are invited to bring a symbol of something for which you are grateful. Immersed in gratitude and thanksgiving, watch your life expand! This service will be held at the Patty Turner Center, 375 Elm Street in Deerfield.

  • The Wisdom of the Beatles: A Metaphysical Mystery Tour in November

    beatlesCan't Buy Me Love... Hey Jude… Because… Here Comes The Sun… Let It Be...

    Where were you in 1964 when the Beatles ‘British Invasion’ hit the shores of America? And where were you in 1970 when the group everyone loved so much split up? If you weren’t born yet, that’s okay. No matter your age, the music you enjoy today is likely heavily influenced by The Beatles. From “Can’t Buy Me Love” to “Revolution” to “Let It Be” the Beatles revolutionized music and they hold a special place in our history.

    Join us every Sunday in November, 2013 as we explore spiritual teachings nestled in some of the best musical creations of the timeless Beatles. The lesson plan for the month is:

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  • Special Halloween Service - Sunday, October 26

    Its the Great PumpkinBack by popular demand, on Sunday, October 26 we will have our annual Halloween service. Rev. Carol will present her signature Halloween talk, ‘Lessons From the Pumpkin Patch’ a metaphysical interpretation of the 1966 television special, “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!" Every year she updates this lesson to include something new. This year, look for evidence of the 12 Spiritual Gifts throughout. Don’t miss this special message and fun day. There may also be some treats….

  • My Journey Home - An Astronaut's Reflections - Saturday, October 5 at the Gorton Center in Lake Forest - Tickets Available at the Door!

    Greg Harbaugh STS-54

    What if you had the opportunity to live your life's dream, but doing so meant great sacrifice, and even putting your life at risk to do so?  If your job were to climb aboard a spaceship with seven million pounds of thrust, what would you say to your spouse and children as you left them?  And once you achieved such a goal, then what? 

    Greg Harbaugh, a former NASA shuttle astronaut whose experience includes four missions and 818 hours in space, including 18 hours, 29 minutes EVA (extravehicular activity or 'space walk’) has lived these experiences and has a story to tell. Over the past 25 years, Greg has spoken to hundreds of audiences around the world, including schools, business organizations, conferences, and museums. Recently he was invited by Purdue University to publicly share his memories of and reflections on the late Neil Armstrong. But Greg has never given a talk like this before. Would seeing the planet while removed from it affect your view of life, the future and the cosmos? Would it give you unique insights into Love or God? Greg’s entire life journey – from a young boy with a dream and with little means to achieve it, to a man with a family venturing into space and back, to life after space travel – has been a ‘journey home’.

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